Doctor Who 11th Sonic Screwdriver


Doctor Who 11th Sonic ScrewdriverDoctor Who 11th Sonic Screwdriver is a great collector’s item that can double up as a costume prop.

It is a Gallifreyan device of numerous settings, easily controllable at the press of a thumb.

Doctor Who has had many sonic screwdrivers of various designs throughout his life.

Doctor Who 11th Sonic Screwdriver is the latest, created from within the TARDIS console itself, after the last one was destroyed during a confrontation with Prisoner Zero in the village of Leadworth.

It is an essential part of Doctor Who’s equipment for his exploration of the universe.

Doctor Who 11th Sonic Screwdriver is for all Doctor Who fans who like the Matt Smith run.


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Doctor Who 11th Sonic Screwdriver Mechanics

Doctor Who 11th Sonic Screwdriver Mechanics

This faithful copy of Doctor Who’s trusty sonic device is approximately 9 inches long and cones with spring loaded extending action.

The activation of its LED and sound effects in closed mode is a matter of pressing the button on the side of its handle.

An additional button is revealed upon flipping open its cap at the end of the screwdriver.

This button activates the light and sound effects when it is in full extension open mode.

There are 2 unlisted sound and light effects available on Doctor Who 11th Sonic Screwdriver, if you press either of the buttons 3 or 4 times at once.

The completely different sounds and light effects consist of a pulsing sound with the light fading in and out and a distinct sound with the light remaining on.

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Doctor Who 11th Sonic Screwdriver vs. Doctor Who 10th Sonic Screwdriver

The Doctor Who 11th Sonic Screwdriver is slighty larger than the 10th version.

It features a luminous green as opposed to the blue light of the 10th.


Doctor Who 11th Sonic Screwdriver Pros & Cons


  • it has the true sounds of the sonic screwdriver, unlike the 9th or 10th where it was just a buzz sound
  • there are 2 “secret” sounds that makes the screwdriver have more depth
  • the ridge with  copper paint that separated the black and white makes a comfortable separation between the middle and ring fingers
  • the details to the screwdriver is great, the black has a leather feel to it, and the silver telescopic pieces has a great crosshatching to it
  • the visible screws look like they should be there
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Doctor Who 11th Sonic Screwdriver Pros & Cons


  • the tip of the emitter has a smear of paint; while not really a big problem, it is quite noticeable when seen
  • when in the telescopic “phase”, the button used for display “phase”, cannot be used; however, there is a bottom hatch which shows an irritatingly red button
  • the spring for it to expand seems a bit too swift; however, there are mods out there where you can fix it


What Customers Say About Doctor Who 11th Sonic Screwdriver

“Here’s the thing: A lot of people have bad things to say about the 11th Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver. And they’re valid complaints. BUT, I think it’s over-all a great product.

About the seller:
AWESOME. The product came with no problems or complications, and it arrived two days before the estimated arrival date.

About the Screwdriver itself:
-It IS kind of lame that when the claws are extended you have to push the button at the bottom to activate the light and sounds.
-It IS kind of lame that the main button on the side doesn’t quite line up sometimes, so when the claw is not deployed, and you’re supposed to be able to use the primary button, about half the time it doesn’t work.
-A lot of customers say that installing the batteries is overly complicated and difficult.

-Releasing the claws and the spring action is SO satisfying and makes you feel like you’re gonna take on the whole Dalek empire singlehandedly.
-I didn’t have any trouble at all installing the batteries. It was simple and quick.
-Sure, it’s disappointing that the main button is finicky. But it requires you to adjust the top of the screwdriver or hold it in a specific way. It takes a delicate touch and I’ve gotten pretty good at it while my friends still can’t get it. And that makes me feel even more like the Doctor. It’s totally an oversight on the part of the manufacturer, but it’s fitting that you have to fumble about and make the screwdriver work sometimes just like The Doctor often does with his technology.

Overall, it’s an awesome toy. It’s not perfect, but who cares? It’s 20 bucks and you get to run around annoying your friends, pretending to be the doctor, and sonic-ing everything in sight.” – AGuyWhoBoughtThis

What People Say About Doctor Who 11th Sonic Screwdriver

“Epic. Well designed. Well built. But still doesn’t do wood. Goodness, I’ll have to invent a setting for that, it’s embarrassing!” – Sonic-Ness

“I don’t know what you twonks are complaining about. I had no problems with the battery compartment. You just need a very small Phillips-head screwdriver (I used my eyeglass repair kit). The batteries fit in fine and it works great! I’m having lots of fun sonicing my cat, Corwin. He runs from the green light, but he seems to like the ultraviolet of the 10th Doctor’s screw driver. I agree that this one feels way more solid. Albeit it’s plastic, fells very durable. I’m going to enjoy rewatching the episodes and sonicing along with Doctor Who, though my fiance will probably hit me if I use it too often! Overall,great fun! Highly recommended!” – Jeffrey C. Warshaw