Bounce Off Game


Bounce Off Game is a ball bouncing game for 2 to 4 players where the object is to use the balls to make a pattern shown on a card.

Bounce Off Game

Designed for kids aged 7 and up, it is, however, a great game for kids and adults to play together, being simple to play but involving a lot of strategy.

Bounce Off Game is a hilarious, though at times intense, physical game, that plays like a tidy, strategic take on Beer Pong.

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Bounce Off Game can be a riot, involving a number of different factors, injecting a fair amount of entropy, as luck also comes to play, inspite of physical dexterity and strategy playing a big part.

The winning conditions for the game can be tailored to suit the amount of time available for play and game rules can be modified to suit the players.

Bounce Off Game hosts a fun game night and prevents a lull at a party.


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Bounce Off Game Features:

  • ultimate head-to-head competition game
  • involves race in re-creating the pattern on the challenge card by bouncing balls into the grid
  • first color to complete the pattern wins the card
  • earn 3 cards to win the game
  • includes 9 challenge cards, 16 balls and a game grid
  • for 2-4 players

Bounce Off Game Features

Bounce Off Game Pros & Cons:





  • small parts
  • not enough cards
  • vague instructions


What People Say about Bounce Off Game:

Bounce Off Game Pros“Not knowing exactly what this game was, we took advantage of picking this one up for our boys ages 8, 9 and 11.

Let me caveat this, with the suggested ages for this product are 7 to 11 years old.

The first day they opened this and started playing, there was nothing but laughter and enjoyment for more than two hours for all three who sat down to play this. They all got along (often a problem in competitive board games) and despite the fact that they didn’t bother to keep score, they really liked it. We have a fairly big foyer for them to set this up, and without parental supervision or interaction, they played peacefully and contently for a long time.

And they had no problems going back to the game either. So all-and-all, for the ages posted on the box, this is a perfect game. Not sure how educational it is, but it works on hand-eye coordination and I’d say it’s one of the better team-building games that we own. Certainly a great investment for the $18 price tag.

While I don’t have any negatives about this delightful game, the first thing that my wife said when she opened it was “Did you buy Beer Pong for the kids?” Admittedly this product can definitely be used for other purposes… but again – it was surprisingly amusing for the simplicity.” – The Travelin’ H Family


“Mattel Bounce-Off saved me from a week of “I’m bored” whines during school’s fall break!
BzzAgent picked a PERFECT time to deliver this amazingly fun game.It arrived yesterday morning. We have had so much fun with it the last few days, taking breaks for other activities, then coming back to play it again. Squeals of laughter in the home is so much better than hearing a whiny “I’m bored”,and “I don’t have anything to do”. This game is good for all ages, in my opinion. O.K, here’s how to play: It is so simple. You can have 2 or 4 players. Each player picks a card. Each card shows a picture of a row of balls, in different patterns. The goal is for the player to land his balls into that pattern. It is a game of matching the pattern to the pattern on the card. We love Bounce-Off! On that note, I gotta go. I’m being challenged to yet another game of Bounce-Off! You gotta try it!
O,K.! It’s officially the end of Fall Break, and thankfully Mattel’s Bounce-Off Game has kept a certain little girl from bouncing off the walls! We have played it every day, and I think it is helping with her hand-eye coordination! This is such a fun game! Thanks, BzzAgent, for sending us Mattel’s Bounce-Off game for review. It’s definitely a winner at our house!” – Kathy Hardin

Bounce Off Game More Pros

“This is a nice, clean, family game to play. I think people and especially families need to get back into games that are not computerized. It takes a little skill, but, basically, it is a table top ball game. The skill comes in landing the lightweight balls into the hole.

It is simple, as each play picks a card that indicates what the challenge is. Each card demonstrates a row of balls, different configurations…thus, the player is to land his lightweight balls into that configuration. It is a game of matching the configuration per the display on the card.

Fun for family, kids, friends, and simple time-passing game. Bounce Off Game is fun, and nothing computerized!! This is a real live game, try it. …..” – Rizzo