android ar droneAndroid AR Drone Quadricopter Review

The Android AR Drone is a remarkable remote controlled quadricopter.

It is a groundbreaking gadget that combines the best of all worlds such as video gaming, modelling and improved reality gaming.

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The Parrot AR Drone Quadricopter can be controlled by your iPhone and it features many sensors for example a front and vertical camera and extra-sensitive ultrasound altimeter. This product can be used in AR.FlyingAce, any video games or a dogfight or race between Android AR Drone’s.

If you’ve come to know about Android AR Drone then you heard that this product makes some upgraded Bluetooth hands free kits especially for your car.  So this product is something entirely out in the market for you.  This is the union of iPhone with quadricopter technology making it cool for flying.

You can now use your iPhone, iPad or Touch to manoeuvre a machine like Parrot AR Drone. This is an impressive and a hi-tech device with specs and 2 cameras.  Using all the sensors it stabilizes its flight making it is very easy to control.

This product can do provide free hovering and lots of practice is not required to make this thing fly similar to RC helicopters.   When utilizing your iOS devices as an iPad, you should make use of the onscreen joysticks, perhaps make use of the accelerometer and then tilt your iPad that influence it.  Additionally many mention that you can observe exactly what exactly the Drone sees using the cameras.

Equally, body casings are constructed with EPP foam.  EPP foam is extremely flexible and may bounce and provide throughout impact.  So it’s a positive thing it’s made of these things.  It has been dropped and bumped against my wall many occasions also it always returned back.

You can have  a couple of flying wings and planes made from EPP foam plus they may take a hell of the beating. Quickly the softball bat, it is clearly stated that this factor is super awesome.  It runs Linux and it is really a Wi-Fi entry way.

Also you connect your apple iPhone or iPad into it via Wi-Fi.  Pretty clever!  You apple iPhone really will get an IP of  You download the Free Flight application in the Apple’s Appstore to manage it.

When you initially connect with the drone using the apple iPhone application, it’ll determine whether it has got the latest firmware and when not, it’ll update it.  You will find other third party applications like DroneControl and alos the FlightRecord.  FlightRecord can record the recording in the AR.Drone’s 2 on-board cameras.  Parrot SA also launched AR.Pursuit that is an augmented reality game.

For stabilization, Android AR Drone utilizes a 3-axis accelerometer and a pair of-axis gyrometer.  Android AR Drone also has ultrasound altimeters for the vertical stabilization.  Some brushless motors that operate at as much as 35,000 rpms.  The drone this one weights 380-420 grams with respect to the body that you utilize.

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Android AR Drone Product Features:


  • High tech sensors allow you to pilot the product effortlessly and fun.
  • Connect and find out technology allows you connect your Apple iPhone or IPod device to manage the system.
  • Frontal camera allows you view where your products are certainly going and streams the live feed onto your IPad or IPod device.
  • Autopilot feature enables you to definitely easily take off and land.


What’s laminator tl901?

Android AR Drone, indoor shell, outside shell (orange/blue), battery, charger, four plugs (EU, US/JP, United kingdom, Aus/NZ), sticker for outside shell (for multiplayer battles), and ramp up guide.


Android AR Drone Quadricopter Benefits and drawbacks:







  • The only obvious negative with this particular device is obviously you’ll need iOS devices as an apple iPhone.
  • Another annoying factor may be the battery.  Android AR Drone features a small-Tamiya plug that’s not common.
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What customers have to say of Android AR Drone?


Based on PK, An incredible product that’s ideal to both grab attention of scholars too introduces fundamentals of networking/embedded systems programming. The SDK isn’t as great as possible but the truth that you will find there is Android AR Drone in a very economical cost is fantastic.5 stars


Based on Yuri, Yes Android AR Drone is extremely awesome, finally a hi-tech flying gadget that may be operated easily at the family room, exciting the household as well as your visitors. Highly Suggested is 5 stars.


Based on Fred, Works as marketed and support is nice. Shipping was fast. 5 stars.


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