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ATC Mini Action Video CameraThis ATC Mini Action Video Camera review is based on the product as available at

How Much:

The price tag for the ATC Mini Video Camera HD Action is currently pegged from $190 to $200. Click here to find out the exact price of this fascinating camera at this very moment.  Disappointing is not a word that is attributable to this amazing toy and you can check out the details for this incredible camera at the Amazon site.

Who Would Buy This:

The ATC Mini Action Video Camera HD Action has been designed for the action junkie in love with the great outdoors, who takes the greatest pleasure in filming his own adventures. This is a solid camera of great quality that is easy to use. For more information on the ATC Mini Action Video Camera, just keep on reading.

Things We Like About the ATC Mini Action Video Camera:

There are some key points to take into consideration when buying the excellent ATC Mini Action Video Camera meant for you to know exactly what you are buying. More information is available at the Amazon site and on the ATC Mini Video Camera HD Action site as well.

ATC Mini Action Video Camera ReviewRobust is the Word

My friend lent me his ATC Action Video Camera the other day when we went mountain biking. We both did not want the other to be out of his sight for distinct reasons. While he was being over protective of his property, I was doing the filming with him as my subject. I noticed how solid it was, despite taking a few knocks while it was attached to my helmet. It was so impressed how lightweight it was as I could hardly feel it being on top of my helmet, as we were cycling down some awesome mental routes.

My friend unfortunately dropped the camera while we were swapping over. While I held my breath, my friend simply shrugged off the incident instantly so we just carried on biking downhill. Stopping after a good hour of cycling, I was impressed to find the camera battery still having a decent amount of juice left in it.

We decided to cool off in a slow moving river with some deep parts that we came across during our adventure. I got quite excited as my friend took the ATC Mini Video Camera HD Action with him as he went swimming. The underwater photographic quality of the camera lens was easily seen with its crispy pictures in 720P HD as we watched the footage after the swim.  Astonishment is the word that comes to mind when I think back on this little, yet powerful ATC Mini Video Camera HD Action.

Things We Did Not Like About The ATC Mini Action Video Camera

As far as its functionality is concerned, there is not one thing wrong with the ATC Mini Action Video Camera. Thus, my comment below should be taken with a grain of salt

ATC Mini Action Video Camera HD ActionLooks Plastic Fantastic

The weird plastic-type grey coloured look of the ATC Mini Action Video Camera does not give justice to the power that it possesses.   A no glossy finish was part of its design to make it look tougher yet a slight disappointment echoes in my mind. Still, this minor kink in the way the camera was structured did not deter me from buying my own ATC Mini Video Camera HD Action and I tell you I love every minute of using it.


Be on the lookout for a warranty available for the ATC Mini Action Video Camera provided by its manufacturer as well as other extended warranties and free shipping options available from Amazon.

Is The ATC Mini Action Video Camera Worth The Money?

Action Video Camera Oregon Scientific ATC MiniWith its great quality, solid build and affordable price, there is no doubt that the ATC Mini Action Video Camera will prove to be a worthy investment as you simply cannot go wrong with this awesome product.

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