B Woofer Guitar


B Woofer GuitarShaped like a hound dog, the B Woofer Guitar is a fun toy guitar, for young ones, great for learning the basics, with 3 play modes, i.e., acoustic, electric and hound dog.

This quirky guitar plays 20 familiar songs and 9 doggie ditties that brings out the inner rock star or acoustic guru in a child.

Deceptive at first glance, B Woofer Guitar is still more of a unique toy fun for many ages than guitar despite its tuned buttons and strummable strings.

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The B Woofer Guitar is an adorable dog inspired guitar with so many different activities provided, it would surely be a toddler’s new best friend.

Its most entertaining feature is its strum button, located right on the strings, that allows for playing a real song by just plucking or strumming a string.

The B Woofer Guitar is an intriguing toy that does not seem to have many features at first glance but actually has something for everyone to love once play begins.


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B Woofer Guitar Features:

  • 9.5” x 3.75” x 18” dimensions
  • pink puppy button press pays 20 pre-recorded sing-a-long songs and 9 peppy puppy tracks
  • true sampled melodic chords with beautiful tonal quality
  • recommended for children 2 to 6 years of age
  • package includes 3 AA batteries and Woofer instructions, songs and lyrics booklet
  • auto-off feature for battery conservation


B Woofer Guitar Pros & Cons:


B Woofer Guitar FeaturesPros:

  • excellent parent-friendly features including stopping the music by pressing Woofer’s nose, an on-off switch, volume control and auto shut-off after 2 minutes of non-use
  • cries like a puppy before shut-off
  • vibrantly colored neck buttons
  • plays C to C chords for children to harmonize with
  • string strumming without strum button depression plays pleasant chord progressions
  • safety feature in velcro neck strap
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  • awkward to carry
  • bit loud despite volume control button


What People Say about B Woofer Guitar:

B Woofer Guitar Pros & Cons“well my niece has seen this in target for like 2or 3 years, and kept picking it up, over and over again, finally at age 5 alomst 6 she really, really wanted it. so of course it was her 6th bday and we went to get it for her and the ones they had in the store were ugly, so I ordered it from here. and she just loves it!! its super cute and plays very nice. it really is for any age, as long as they can hold it :) it plays many songs and just sounds nice!!” – heather


“Just received this item as a birthday gift. I put it on his amazon wish list because he wants to play with it every time we go to a certain local store. It has nice acoustic and electric guitar settings that sounds fairly similar, but his favorite is the fun “howl” setting that has barking dog notes. It’s also one of the few toy guitars you can actually strum (fake stings, but it is a toy). This guitar has a decent variety of songs and one of the only I’ve seen with an actual stop button if you just can’t stand the song anymore. I guess you could always just turn it off if this happened though. Glad to have received this gift!” – Sarah M.


What People Say About B Woofer Guitar“I got this when my son was 2, he’s not 3.5 years old and still loves it! This is one toy that he wants to bring with him where ever he went. It was many different songs, and he would dance to the tunes that he’s familiar it. It comes with 3 different settings, acoustic, electric, and howl. My son finds the howl very funny and laughs so much when he uses that setting. It’s so colorful, and has a great cute design. You can also adjust the volume or stop the music by pressing his nose. B Woofer Guitar s a big hit! I purchased to additional as gifts (and replacement if his breaks or we lose it).” – E. Li




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