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Barbie Photo FashionThis Barbie Photo Fashion Review is based on the toy as available at, the world’s leading online retailer, which currently offers the best prices, most excellent shipping options and incomparable services on the web.

How Much:

The best price for the Barbie Photo Style ranges from $28.98 to $35, click here to check the current price tag for this fantastic toy over at Amazon. As to getting a clearer understanding of what this toy is all about, muddle through my following independent review.

Who Would Buy This:

If your daughter is a Barbie fan and is currently keeping mum about getting her next best Barbie toy, just wait until she sees this new set of Barbie Photo Fashion. I bet you, you’ll never hear the end of it, until you finally purchase the toy as a gift for her.

Things We Like About the Barbie Photo Fashion:

Barbie Photo StyleFollowing are the major features to look out for when buying the Barbie Camera Fashion product so that you will be aware of the great features you will be getting when you purchase it for yourself or your daughter.

The Secret is in a Click

The Barbie Photo Fashion includes a decent amount of clothing to make the Barbie doll look amazing including skirts, pants, sunglasses, shoes and purse. But just dressing Barbie up in these glam outfits is not what this toy is all about. It comes with a small camera to give your daughter the extra pleasure of snapping up her style on photos that she can keep on her scrapbook.

Your daughter does not only get to imagine herself dressing up and pretend to be on the catwalk, she gets to alternatively play act as model, fashion designer and fashion photographer all rolled up into one! This is not your average doll, it could be the toy that will eventually make your child realize what she wants to become when she grows up.

Things We Did Not Like About the Barbie Photo Fashion:

Barbie being Barbie and knowing what an incredibly popular product the Barbie toy has been through the years, there seems to be nothing that could make you dislike this Barbie Film Fashion offering, except…

Barbie Camera FashionSparsed Clothing Provision

A relatively weak argument as it is, it would have been nicer to see a wider range of clothing and accessories coming with the Barbie Photo Fashion to give your daughter a better chance of running away with her imagination in creating fashion ideas.  To add insult to injury, separate products for use to make the whole fashion shoot experience better is unsure to be available. However, there is a silver lining behind the cloud, as it has been mentioned that other clothes in the Barbie range fit this doll, so your daughter still has the chance of playing around with her creativity to the fullest extent.


A great bargain with free delivery is what Amazon is offering with the purchase of the Barbie Poster Fashion, so what are you waiting for, do some clicking and some buying before they run out of stock!

Is the Barbie Photo Fashion Worth the Money?

The Barbie Photo Fashion definitely falls under the category of products I would buy myself. The product value of this product is excellent given its low price not to mention the fun and education your daughter will be getting from playing with this incredibly mind boggling toy.

Where Can I Buy the Barbie Photo Fashion?

Barbie Poster FashionJust like most of the time, the best price, delivery and shopping options can only be gotten from the site.

More Customer Reviews from Owners of the Barbie Photo Fashion:

Click on the link about to head over to Amazon and get a reading of the consumer reviews for the Barbie Photo Costume product.  You will be surprised with the excellent reviews the product has been getting and who knows, you might find yourself writing one more glowing review to add to the list.

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