Big Hugs Elmo


Big Hugs ElmoBig Hugs Elmo is the latest addition to the Elmo battery operated toy line, surpassing all others in big ways.

This doll is big, almost as big as an average toddler, soft and cuddly, qualifying him as a true best friend, affording a child lots of comfortable snuggle time, with its hard battery core well padded by a red plush body.

More than a one trick pony, Big Hugs Elmo is good at his job, offering ways to keep active imagination and help kids get to sleep once he has tuckered them out.

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Big Hugs Elmo sings 3 fun songs, easily recognizable to a child, makes 50 animated sounds and phrases, including his signature giggle.

He also softly sings a lullaby, specifically for nap time, as he is laid down next to a child.

Other than singing and giggling, Big Hugs Elmo also dances and hugs, its best feature yet, wrapping his arms around a child, giving him a big squeeze as the child hugs him back.


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Big Hugs Elmo Features:

  • signature interactive doll
  • lovable electronic doll
  • moves his arms to hug back when hugged
  • 4 fun imagination scenarios, i.e., astronauts, rabbits, frogs and horses
  • responds when moved around
  • plays 3 fun songs
  • sings a sweet lullaby and produces sleeping sound effects when laid down
  • recommended for children 18 months to 4 years old
  • requires 4 AA batteries for operation

Big Hugs Elmo Features

Big Hugs Elmo Pros & Cons:

Big Hugs Elmo Pros & Cons




  • a bit heavy
  • solid, plastic middle may cause injury if carelessly tossed around
  • flimsy arms


What People Say about Big Hugs Elmo

“I got this for my nephew for his birthday and he loves it! He hugs it all the time! He even tries to sing along with Elmo. However, his mom, dad, and I all think it sounds a little creepy… so make sure to turn it off when it’s not being played with.” – aoy

What People Say About Big Hugs Elmo“We bought this for our two year old granddaughter’s birthday. She was amazed by Elmo talking and she now has him by her side often through the day. Would definitely recommend it to anyone with a toddler.” – Marsha S. Kasper

What People Say About Big Hugs Elmo 2

“The cutest, most lovable Big Hugs Elmo EVER!!
My granddaughter carries him around everywhere, which is a feat for a 13 month old, he’s almost as big as she is!!
Adorable!” – Ellen A. Hopps “Ellen”




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