Boom Boom Balloon


Boom Boom BalloonBoom Boom Balloon is a dexterity/party game about popping and trying not to pop balloons.

It is a very simple concept, executed very nicely, involving a balloon inflated inside a plastic frame with 9 plastic sticks poking into it.

Boom Boom Balloon players take turns rolling a die and pushing sticks into the balloon, one step at a time with the goal of avoiding being the one to pop the balloon, by trying to be strategic or lucky about which stick to push in.

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Because one Boom Boom Balloon game goes by pretty quickly, taking 5 to 10 minutes from start to explosion, it is wise to keep spare balloons handy, as the game provides only 12 balloons in its package.

Because the game is very easy to set up and play, parents do not have much to do other than blowing up the balloons and making sure there are enough spare balloons on hand.

Boom Boom Balloon is fun, fast and easy for children of all ages to play, which are the perfect qualities parents look for in a family game.


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Boom Boom Balloon Features:

  • set up requires construction of the frame by fitting 3 legs into a spruce at the top, attachment of a holding funnel into the base of the legs, preparation of the balloon by slipping a deflated balloon through the hole in the bottom of the funnel then blowing the balloon and insertion of 9 sticks into each of the holes in the frame
  • included in the package are 1 balloon frame, 12 balloons, a dice, 10 sticks and 1 instructional guide
    • frame is made of sturdy plastic coming with 3 individual parts clipped into a large spruce at the top of the construction
    • sticks are grey and made of plastic, each with a series of ridges for pushing in allowance, designed to be inserted through the frame holes
    • balloons are blue with a black face printed on them
    • dice is 6-sided, featuring 2 values each for 1, 2 and 3, for determination of how many times sticks must be pushed in, on a player’s turn
    • instructional guide is very short and to the point
  • made for 2 or more players aged 8 years and above
  • does not require batteries

Boom Boom Balloon Features

Boom Boom Balloon Pros & Cons:


Boom Boom Balloon Pros & Cons


  • poor quality


What People Say about Boom Boom Balloon

“Played this 3 nights in a row already… 7-year old LOVES IT & so do mom & dad! We have had no trouble with the pieces coming apart – in fact, they were so tightly connected that I had a hard time getting them apart, but no complaints here! :) ” – Midwest Mom

What People Say About Boom Boom Balloon 2

“This game is fabulous for ALL family members! We bought this as a Christmas gift and EVERYONE loved playing! It is very stressful because you are waiting for the balloon to pop, but it is so much fun and everyone was in stitches! A unique game to add to your collection.” – Heather Williams

What People Say About Boom Boom Balloon

“Got Boom Boom Balloon for twin 9-year-old girls. They’ve played it a few times but us adults also played once and it was quite fun. If you are an anxious person like me, it’s very nerve wrecking waiting for the balloon to pop!

The good news is, when it pops it does so quietly because the sticks you put in are rounded instead of pointy. So its not startling when it pops.” – Kitty Bell




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