Hottest Toys For Christmas 2012

Not yet through with your Christmas shopping? With Christmas Day just around the corner, you have only a few days to purchase your gifts for the kids in your family. Finding a toy can sometimes be equated to finding a needle in a haystack, so having a list of the hot Christmas gifts 2012 will surely benefit you in your search.

Here is an account of the 50 hottest toys for Christmas 2012 based on our research to help you out in deciding which toys to get the young ones on your holiday list. We have presented the best selling toys 2012 in alphabetical order, so it will be easier for you to find a particular item that you already have in mind. On the other hand, should you have no idea about what toy you are going to buy, we also included the rank of the toy based on our findings in our presentation of our hot toys 2012 catalogue. This is to give you an insight on what toys are currently getting the favour of the general public.

1D Collector Dolls

1D Collector Dolls *****Rank 12*****

All 5 members of the hit singing group One Direction in separately sold true to life 1D 12-inch figures coming in stylish outfits and removable shoes true to the signature look of each band member.



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Air Hogs Radio Control Deluxe Battle Tracker EliteAir Hogs Radio Control Deluxe Battle Tracker Elite *****Rank 30*****

All-New Air Hogs Battle Tracker that delivers head-to-head interactive combat with Intelligent Auto Tracking Technology for real-life battle play. Plays in multiple modes with single or multi-player missions with built-in steady-fly technology for advanced flight stability and A.R.T. intelligence for situation acknowledgement with spoken comments.

Angry Birds King PigAngry Birds King Pig *****Rank 38*****

Brand new Angry Birds Plush Pigs that are incredibly soft and makes authentic sounds from the game by squeezing its top. Brings the onscreen characters into the arms of kids from age 1 and up.



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Beyblade Metal Fury Performance Top System Destroyer Dome Set

Beyblade Metal Fury Performance Top System Destroyer Dome Set *****Rank 31*****

Destroyer Dome Set that takes battles to the next level with its tops, tools and arena. A whole new kind of battle with a closed arena for allowing of side zipping up by tops for gravity-defying conbat. Includes 2 tops for pitting against each other.


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Cra-Z-Art Lite Brix 3D Construction Building System - Lumi-Port

Cra-Z-Art Lite Brix 3D Construction Building System – Lumi-Port *****Rank 25*****

Builds 3D Light Up Construction and luminous light up Airport and Jet model with Lite Brix, Connector and Special Translucent pieces and building bricks. Lite Brix is compatible with other market build bricks.


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Hottest Toys For Christmas 2012

Disney Doc McStuffins Time For Your Check Up Doll *****Rank 1*****

Playset includes Doc McStuffins and Lambie figures with several fun medical tools, including a stethoscope for listening to Lambie’s heartbeat, an otoscope for checking her ears and a thermometer to make her giggle. While the Doc McStuffins  figure can talk and sing the ‘Time For Your Check-Up’ song, the Lambie figure can react to Doc’s magical checkup tools.


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Disney Princess & Me Diamond Edition Cinderella DollDisney Princess & Me Diamond Edition Cinderella Doll *****Rank 40*****

An 18-inch Cinderella Diamond Edition doll that is part of Jakks Pacific’s Disney Princess & Me line, featuring Cinderella with poseable head, arms, legs and waist.  It sports long blonde hair in a sparkly dress, matching earrings, white gloves, a diamond choker, a tiara and blue ballet slippers. Its macor or glass eyes come in four shades of blue giving it depth and romantic shine.


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Erector Gears of War Construction Tank Set - Centaur

Erector Gears of War Construction Tank Set – Centaur *****Rank 42*****

A battle and assault tank having a hood mounted 360 degree rotating turret with a mobile cannon, 4 real-working large wheels and a mobile front tread. A 125 piece construction set including 4 figures, erector type tools and instructions.


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Exclusive Micro Chargers Time Track Race TrackExclusive Micro Chargers Time Track Race Track *****Rank 7*****

Newest and most revolutionary racing track possessing the ability to race at the ultimate speed in the most micro scale and the most minimal effort. It comes with 2 quick charge cars, a large play set with 4 lanes of racing action at a 600 mph scale speed. Available with 36 different car collection and a range of straight and stunt racers.


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Exclusive Monster High Werecat Sister Doll Pack - Meowlody and PurrsephoneExclusive Monster High Werecat Sister Doll Pack – Meowlody and Purrsephone 

*****Rank 26*****

Werecat Sister Dolls from Monster High dressed in short leather vests, black & white striped tops, short denim skirts and converse like high heel boots with open toes, accessorized with a red yarn ball purse.


Click Here to get the Best Price for the Monster High Werecat Sister Doll – Meowlody & Purrsephone

Fisher-Price Cruise & Groove BallapaloozaFisher-Price Cruise & Groove Ballapalooza *****Rank 17*****

Perfect for all of baby’s key physical milestones, it comes with eight colorful balls for great ramp play. A great grow-with-me toy that encourages physical development with fresh music and dancing lights. While a sitting baby can drop balls in the lower ramps or crawl through the gate or arch, a standing one can drop balls on the top and watch them zoom down the ramps.

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Fisher-Price Disney Baby Minnie's Twinkling Tea Party Play GymFisher-Price Disney Baby Minnie’s Twinkling Tea Party Play Gym *****Rank 39*****

A three-leg gym featuring a large square mat with satin trim detailing and a playful Minnie Mouse scene. Includes a roller ball Figaro, Minnie Mouse clackers, a linking butterfly tether, a spinning flower and a Minnie Mouse tummy-time wedge.



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Fisher-Price Jake and the Never Land Pirates - Musical Pirate Ship BuckyFisher-Price Jake and the Never Land Pirates – Musical Pirate Ship Bucky *****Rank 2*****

Exciting playtime adventure featuring 3 buttons for activating special features that include firing of water balls from the ship’s spring loaded cannon and playing of 25 pirate phrases, sounds and songs. Includes Jake and Skully figures.



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Fisher-Price Minnie Mouse Bow-tique Fashion On-the-Go Playset

Fisher-Price Minnie Mouse Bow-tique Fashion On-the-Go Playset *****Rank 46*****

Includes a 5-inch Minnie figure, 3 dresses, 3 bows, 2 pairs of shoes and easy storage through a handle and wheels, with more than 10 fashion accessories. Its makeup vanity flips up and lights, with music and sounds to boot. The bow-tique’s fold and go setup lets Minnie roll along for bringing playtime everywhere children go.


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Fisher-Price Peppa Pig' Peek 'n Surprise Playhouse PlaysetFisher-Price Peppa Pig’ Peek ‘n Surprise Playhouse Playset *****Rank 21*****

Opens up to reveal 4 floors of play space that includes a bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom. Comes with over 18 play pieces including 2 articulated Peppa and George figures. Play pieces include a washing machine that flips to reveal clean clothes, a fridge that opens up to reveal food, a barbecue that flips for different meals and a bathtub that flips to reveal bubbles.


Click Here to get the Best Price for the Fisher-Price Peppa Pig’ Peek ‘n Surprise Playhouse Playset


Flyline Air Racer & Air CombatFlyline Air Racer & Air Combat 

*****Rank 41*****

Features a unique anchoring and tethering mechanism where planes are tethered with a line to the center pole and anchored by a water-filled base. Uses tangle-free magic ring technology for high performance battling and competitive racing and stunts in multi-plane competition.



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FurbyFurby *****Rank 4*****

A interactive stuffed toy that responds to voice and music. It reacts differently to feeding, tickling, shaking, tilting or turning it as well as pulling its tail, speaking to it or playing music to it. It even has its own furbish vocabulary and an optional free app that works with iPad, iPod touch and iPhone. It can also interact with other Furbys.


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Gelarti Designer Studio

Gelarti Designer Studio *****Rank 5*****

Creates, decorates and accessorizes reusable stickers that can be peeled and placed anywhere. Comes with 4 Gelarti paint pens, a double ended marbling tool and gem tool, 6 3D accessories, 12 gems, 30 Gelarti stickers, Activity Book and Glitter paints. Marbling tool enables creation of different sticker effects.


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HairmoniesHairmonies *****Rank 43*****

Unique interactive musical dolls that come with blonde, black and brunette hair. They play a different instrument when brushed on either side of hair and sing a unique song when brushed at the back of the hair.



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Hasbro Words with Friends Board Game

Hasbro Words with Friends Board Game *****Rank 50*****

Action-packed, in-person edition of the popular addictive online game and hottest mobile word game, it includes 4 racks for tiles, a gameboard, 104 tiles, 4 tile racks, a tile bag and a game bag. Winning is about scoring the most points while game finishes when someone plays all his tiles.



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Hot Wheels RC Terrain Twister

Hot Wheels R/C Terrain Twister

*****Rank 10*****

Remote-control car that sports designed with exclusive power screw technology to pontoon with cock screw-shaped threads instead of wheels for tackling touch terrain and features a sleek design with bold colors. Engineered to conquer any terrain, including dirt, sand, grass and water and even to shred through snow.


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Illumivor Radio Controlled Mecha-Shark

Illumivor Radio Controlled Mecha-Shark *****Rank 32*****

A glowing radio-controlled half shark, half cyborg predator with animated chomping teeth, a smooth moving tail and ominous sound effects. This mechanized 1oo% eating carnivore machine comes to life in the dark, when it appears to be swiftly swimming across the floor. Measures 18 inches from nose to tail and comes with a Shark Fin Controller for attack control.


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iTikes MapiTikes Map *****Rank 44*****

A 2-in-1 play standalone map that features 6 maps with menu icons and illustrations that reads aloud fun facts about the different subjects of the US map, World Cat and World Dog maps, World Music, Solar System Map and Prehistoric North American map. Comes with a smart pen for location fact activation together with quizzes and games of 3 difficulty levels.


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Lalaloopsy 12 inch Doll - Silly Hair StarLalaloopsy 12 inch Doll – Silly Hair Star *****Rank 3*****

Powered by 4 AA batteries, this doll talks, sings and dances when attached to the included stage. Comes with a rattling pet cat and interchangeable hairpieces for triggering different songs when plugged into head. Features an adorable round face, button eyes and a big personality.



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Lalaloopsy Sisters Dolls - Kat Jungle Roar and Whiskers Lion's RoarLalaloopsy Sisters Dolls – Kat Jungle Roar and Whiskers Lion’s Roar *****Rank 45*****

Rag dolls that magically came to life when their last stitches were sewn. While Kat Jungle Roar is a wild animal who loves to swing her tail, practice her growl and hunt for candy, Whiskers Lion’s Roar is an adventurer seeker who loves to discover new places, use binoculars in the bushes and sneak up on things.


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LeapPad2 ExplorerLeapPad2 Explorer *****Rank 6*****

The number 1 learning tablet with a faster processor,  a 5-inch screen and 4 GB storage capacity for limitless learning fun. Comes with front & back cameras, a video recorder and 5 apps including Pet Pad, Learning Songs, Art Studio, Cartoon Director and an app of your choice. Draws from more than 2,500 skills on subjects such as reading, art, music, language & culture, science, geography, mathematics and health.


Click Here to get the Best Price for the LeapPad2 Explorer


LEGO Friends Summer Riding Camp (3185)

LEGO Friends Summer Riding Camp (3185) *****Rank 24*****

The ultimate and largest LEGO friends set consisting of 1145 LEGO pieces. Comes with Emma, Stephanie, Ella & Instructor Theresa mini-doll figures, a mini-bus, complete with a trailer, horse figurines complete with saddles and reins, a canteen, a bath house and a camp bunkhouse with 4 beds.


Click Here to get the Best Price for the LEGO Friends Summer Riding Camp (3185)

LEGO Ninjago Epic Dragon Battle (9450)LEGO Ninjago Epic Dragon Battle (9450) *****Rank 11*****

This enormous set is inspired by the popular Ninjago TV show and transports builders to a world of brave ninjas, mythical dragons and giant serpents. Comes with 8 mini-figures and consists of over 900 building pieces. Features weapons including a Hypriobrai fang blade with blue anti-venom capsule, 4 golden Spirijitsus and 7 regulars.


Click Here to get the Best Price for the LEGO Ninjago Epic Dragon Battle (9450)


LEGO Technic Jet Plane (9394)

LEGO Technic Jet Plane (9394)

*****Rank 35*****

A 50 cm long jet plane with a moving canopy that can be closed and retractable landing gear that can be opened. Comes with operational ailerons and convertible to an aerobatic plane.



Click Here to get the Best Price for the LEGO Technic Jet Plane (9394)


MAGFORCE Central Command Center Construction and Dump Truck Set

MAGFORCE Central Command Center Construction and Dump Truck Set

*****Rank 19*****

A play set using magnet-infused technology and coming complete with a magnet-powered command center and a magnet-powered dump truck. Includes 2 poseable magnetic figures that trigger forward motion and feature magnetic hot spots, 2 magnetic logs and 2 magnetic I-beams.


Click Here to get the Best Price for the MAGFORCE Command Construction and Dump Truck Set


Minnie Mouse Bow-tique Flippin' Fun KitchenMinnie Mouse Bow-tique Flippin’ Fun Kitchen *****Rank 20*****

This fun-filled kitchen comes with tons of features including a cutting board that flips revealing a hidden sink, a dish rack that turns over exposing a secret milkshake maker, a flipping recipe wheel full of Minnie’s recipes and a special frying pan  that flips a Mickey-shaped pancake. Makes realistic cooking sounds and provides over 10 adorable Minnie-inspired kitchen accessories and utensils.


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NERF Lazer Tag® BlasterNERF Lazer Tag Blaster *****Rank 33*****

This Single interactive app Blaster Pack has everything for solo, team and multi-player Lazer Tag campaigns. Offers selection of Basic Mission or App-Enhanced Mission and Indoor or Outdoor play. Data display shows takedown count, match timer, target reticule, radar scanner, current weapon, special weapon count, special armor count, ammo, life level and shield level.


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Nerf N-Strike Elite Retaliator Blaster

Nerf N-Strike Elite Retaliator Blaster

*****Rank 34*****

This incredible 4-in-1 blaster fires revolutionary Elite Darts at a range of 75 feet. Comes will all the gear including Barrel Extension and Stock for 4 possible blaster configurations. It is Elite customized with interchangeable parts.



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Nickelodeon Winx Club Believix CollectionNickelodeon Winx Club Believix Collection *****Rank 27*****

These dolls come in 11 points of articulation allowing for unlimited fashionable poses with spectacular, sparkly, removable, hinged wings that can be used on other Winx Club fashion dolls. Includes a collectable, magical membership card for exclusive content access on Nick official website.


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Nintendo Wii U

Nintendo Wii U *****Rank 15*****

The Wii U GamePad works as two integrated screens with the television creating unique gaming possibilities and allowing asymmetric game play where each player can have different goals, challenges and views within the same shared gaming experience.


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Novi Stars DollsNovi Stars Dolls *****Rank 48*****

Boast of many quickly details but standout feature is glowing and translucent bodies. Offer plenty of interactive and imaginative fun for kids aged 6 and older with out-of-this-world fashion and fantastic designs, colorful hairstyles, heart-shaped antennas and a cute pet accessory.



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Pillow Pets Dream LitesPillow Pets Dream Lites *****Rank 22*****

Amazing nightlights that turn the room into an instant starry sky by pressing a button that projects a starry sky on the ceiling and walls. Come with 4 light options of steady blue, amber, green and all three colors transitioning every 4 seconds in a continuous loop and includes a built in timer that shuts off after 20 minutes. Fold up into pets or open to lay flat.


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Playmobil Western FortPlaymobil Western Fort *****Rank 49*****

A 26 x 22 x 15.7 inch fort complete with flagpole, working cannon and prison cell. Comes with raised lookout tower with warning bell. Includes 6 figures, 3 horses, cacti, surrounding landscape, supplies and other accessories.



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Playskool Rocktivity Sit, Crawl and Stand Band Activity ArchPlayskool Rocktivity Sit, Crawl and Stand Band Activity Arch *****Rank 16*****

This rockin’ toy features more than 45 tunes, sounds and activites and three stages of play. Creation of new tunes is possible through the addition of instruments and sound effects to the music.



Click Here to get the Best Price for the Playskool Rocktivity Sit, Crawl and Stand Band Activity Arch


Scan2Go Circle Race Track Starter SetScan2Go Circle Race Track Starter Set *****Rank 28*****

Inspired by the popular children’s cartoon, this play set includes a circular 2-lane track, Falgor car and 2 packs of Turbo/Power cards, with 6 assorted cards for each pack, for vehicle racing. Also includes 4 red track pieces, 4 white track pieces and 17 track connectors for creation of a 10 foot circular track with 2 divided lanes.


Click Here to get the Best Price for the Scan2Go Circle Race Track Starter Set


Scatter Brainz Deluxe PackScatter Brainz Deluxe Pack *****Rank 47*****

A crazy twist to the classic dart game that includes 2 Dueling Launchers that accurately blast darts up to 15 feet, 1 Mental Case that opens up to reveal a spinning backboard for use with the game board targets, 8 Ultra Rare Darts and 4 exclusive targets. Holds up to 50 darts with each collectible deranged character dart having a soft and gummy exposed brain that sticks to any surface.

Skylander's Giants Legendary 3-Pack - Ignitor, Slam Bam, and Jet-Vac

Skylander’s Giants Legendary 3-Pack – Ignitor, Slam Bam, and Jet-Vac *****Rank 36*****

Includes 3 Skylander Figures, 3 Trading Cards and 3 Sticker Sheets with Secret Codes. Each Skylander has its own unique powers and abilities for enhancement of game play experience in saving Skylands. Over 45 Skylander figures to collect.


Click Here to get the Best Price for the Skylander’s Giants Legendary Ignitor, Slam Bam, and Jet-Vac


Skylanders Giants Starter PackSkylanders Giants Starter Pack

*****Rank 13*****

Exclusive Collector Card Starter Kit with Exclusive Bonus Pack of 4 Legendary Skylanders & 3 Glow in the Dark cards and also includes a Collector’s Album and 2 Packsof Cards.




Tabeo *****Rank 14*****

Tablet created for kids featuring a 7-inch capacitive multi-touch screen, 50 popular kid-friendly apps and Wi-Fi connectivity. Ready to deliver hours of learning, web browsing and fun, it uses the Android 4.0 operating system with more than 7,000 free apps available for download, a built-in speaker, microphone G-sensor and front camera.

Click Here to get the Best Price for the Tabeo 


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Secret Sewer Lair Playset

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Secret Sewer Lair Playset *****Rank 8*****

Ultimate Turtle play set that stands over 42 inches tall and includes a zip line, spring loader projectile, floors that fall out and a Shredder effigy. Offers 3 different play levels in the sewer, street and building top and includes more than 20 different and exciting ninja features.



Click Here to get the Best Price for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Secret Sewer Lair Playset

The Original Big Wheel RacerThe Original Big Wheel Racer *****Rank 23*****

Easy to assemble racer of sturdy plastic quality construction that includes 3 position Grow With Me seat, a lower center of gravity for safe riding, an easy on, easy off body styling, an oversized front wheel for fast action peddling and wide rear wheels for sidewalk gripping action. Recommended for kids aged 3 to 8 with a maximum weight limit of 70 pounds.


Click Here to get the Best Price for the The Original Big Wheel Racer

Vtech Alphabet Activity Cube – PinkVtech Alphabet Activity Cube Pink

*****Rank 37*****

An interactive learning cube with 5 sides of fun and 13 building blocks that also teaches the alphabet. Its electronic side features 5 piano keys, a number keypad and a telephone while the other sides feature a peg maze, put-and-take holes leading to a storage area, sliders, gears and a mirror.



Click Here to get the Best Price for the Vtech Alphabet Activity Cube – Pink


Vtech Switch & Go Dinos - Brok the BrachiosaurusVtech Switch & Go Dinos – Brok the Brachiosaurus *****Rank 29*****

2-in-1 toy that easily transforms from a dino to a vehicle and back, featuring over 89 wild sounds and phrases. Comes with an LCD screen that plays cool dinosaur and driver animations with a talk button that plays fun phrases and dino facts. Includes a race car and a launching Pterodactyl.


Click Here to get the Best Price for the Vtech Switch & Go Dinos – Brok the Brachiosaurus


Winnie the Pooh Bounce Bounce Tigger Plush DollWinnie the Pooh Bounce Bounce Tigger Plush Doll *****Rank 18*****

Soft and huggable toy. designed especially for children aged 18 months and older, being simple enough to operate. Simply squeeze Tigger’s hand to make him bounce high, fast and all around and sing his trademark song ‘The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers.’ Also features crazy bouncing sound effects and fun phrases.


Click Here to get the Best Price for the Winnie the Pooh Bounce Bounce Tigger Plush Doll


Yvolution YFliker F1 Flow Series™ ScooterYvolution YFliker F1 Flow Series Scooter *****Rank 9*****

An exciting new innovative three-wheeled scooter for kids aged 5 to 9 with an easy Twist & Stow folding system, a sturdy enough reinforced light weight steel frame for easy handling, a built-in quick response hand brake for increased control and safety and industrially designed casters for self-propelling.


With the many new toys that come out each year, it is always a stretch to try and list down the hottest toys for Christmas 2012. It is not an easy task I tell you. It involves a lot of research on the part of the one who is on the mission of identifying the best toys 2012.

It is true that the presence of the worldwide web has made doing the extensive research on the top children’s toys 2012 a little bit easier. You need not leave the confines of your home and visit the department stores and shopping malls one by one to see which toys are actually selling. You now only have to see what the different online retail toy stores have identified as their best children’s toys 2012 and consolidate their lists and come out with your own summary. And that is what I actually did in coming up with my list of the hottest toys for Christmas 2012.

I have decided to limit my list of the best kids toys 2012 to 50 items. I believe that number is the ideal and would be enough for people who are on the lookout for toys to buy without an inkling of which ones would actually give the best value for their money. They would not be overwhelmed by the number of choices and become more confused with what to actually select among the hottest toys for Christmas 2012.

Top 5 Hottest Toys For Christmas 2012

My hot toys 2012 catalogue has something for every kid, be it boy or girl, male or female. It is quite a surprise to see that the number one ranked toy today is the Disney Doc McStuffins doll that is a representation of a medical profession. Could it be that our young ones are preparing to becoming doctors and nurses of the future?

It is also an indication that the girls still outnumber the boys as this type of toy cater more to female than male kids. However, the difference may not be as huge as you may think as the second ranked hot Christmas gifts 2012 is a boy’s toy in the form of the Musical Pirate Ship Bucky. Music seems to remain a great part of everybody’s life not and the lives of the younger ones is not an exception.

Third on our list of the hottest toys for Christmas 2012 is another doll, this time the Lalaloopsy Silly Hair Star doll. An interactive toy, which seems to be the trend in toy manufacturing, it is also again a musical toy. My deduction about music being an integral part of our daily lives has just been confirmed.

It is another interactive toy that comes fourth in our list of toys for the hot Christmas holidays 2012, a Furby stuffed toy which dishes out different reactions to different treatments it receives from a kid. Why it even has its own word vocabulary, can you beat that? It can be taught to speak English, though, so this is a good exercise for kids on the road to a career as an educator.

The fifth on our best children’s toys 2012 list is the Gelarti Designer Studio that allows kids to create their own stickers. This is a great way of introducing our kids to revealing their inert passion for creativity and perhaps lead them to one day become toy manufacturers themselves. Who knows? They got to start somewhere, sometime and this may be the best time for them to start.

Learning Tablets

There are 4 learning tablets among our listed best selling toys 2012, each with a different field of concentration. There is the iTikes map that offers facts about different subjects in the form of maps. There are the LeapPad2 Explorer and the Tabeo which are actually close to being real tablets, the former coming with cameras, video recorder and its own set of apps, and the latter offering web browsing, with a built-in speaker, microphone, G-sensor and its own camera as well. And then there is the Nintendo Wii U which has its concentration on gaming activities, an area where Nintendo has always been known for.

Gaming Toys

Speaking of gaming toys, our list of the hottest toys for Christmas 2012 is not wanting when it comes to this area. The Air Hogs Battle Tracker Elite comes with toy models that are remote controlled and can pitted against another toy of similar make. Another toy car that comes remotely controlled is the Hot Wheels Terrain Twister. The Beyblade Destroyer Dome Set, on the other hand, allow kids to engage in some sort of battle in a closed arena scenario.

Meanwhile, the Erector Gears Tank Set can make a soldier out of your young kid with its construction set up in a war atmosphere. The Micro Chargers Time Track prepares kids to become racers with its speed racing car play. What your kid to be a pilot? Well, get him the Flyline Air Racer set with its plane models ready for racing and competition. Speaking of planes, there is also the 50 cm long LEGO Technic Jet Plane that comes with its own set of features.

Well, let us not forget our Western heritage when setting up our hottest toys for Christmas 2012 list. Why not set your kids to become the cowboys that they can be with the Playmobil Western Fort play set? Or perhaps, you see your child as a professional darter of the future generation? There is the Scatter Brainz Deluxe Pack that gives a crazy twist to playing your conventional dart game.

All these gaming toys are part and parcel of the hottest toys for Christmas 2012 and can surely be welcome additions to your Christmas purchases as well.

More Dolls and Figurines

I never knew how popular the One Dimension pop group can be until I saw their Collector Dolls ranking in the first 50 of the best selling toys 2012.  The popularity of the Angry Birds franchise has not waned as shown by their Plush Pig collection still making the list of the hottest toys for Christmas 2012.

The Disney Cinderella Doll is given new life with a Diamond Edition version that still seems to catch the fancy of many female kids, whereas the Monster High Sister Dolls seem to give Cinderella a run for her money. The prim and proper versus the upbeat and modern, who do you think is winning the fashion contest?

Hairmonies offer dolls the sing a different song depending on how and what side you brush their hair and what colour their hair come in. The Lalaloopsy Sisters Dolls are rag dolls that give you that jungle feeling. The Novi Stars Dolls are another set of fashion dolls while the Nickelodeon Believix Collection take you to the world of Tinkerbell and other fairies from the Enchanted Kingdom.

The Pillow Pets, aside from being cuddly stuffed toys, double up as nightlites and the Winnie the Pooh Tigger Plush Doll bounces all around the room on a squeeze. And for the more macho kids, there are the Skylander Giants’ Starter Pack and the Skylander Giants’ Legendary 3 Pack. The choice is yours which to give your boy to enable him to save the Skyland universe.

Building Blocks

The list of top children’s toys 2012 cannot be complete without building toy sets. The Cra-z-Art Building System will enable your kids to set up their own airport. And of course, you can never discount the LEGO brand when it comes to building play sets. It has the Summer Riding Camp and the Ninjago Epic Dragon Battle ready for your kids to set up.

For the Much Younger Ones

There are also among the hottest toys for Christmas 2012 selections for your much younger kids. There is the Ballapalooza that will have them up and about dropping balls and running for them to be dropped again. There is the Tea Party Play Gym that mirrors the image of an exercise gym, perhaps a prelude to their actual participation in gym exercises to keep their figures in shape in the future.

And then there is the Fashion On-The-Go play set that may actually prepare them for an entrance to the entertainment world of fashion. As to becoming the perfect wives and mothers, their is the Peek n’ Surpise Playhouse and Flippin’ Fun Kitchen play sets.

Have Yourself A Merry Christmas

I cannot come up with recommendations on what you should purchase from this hot toys 2012 catalogue. It really depends on what you think is right for your kid. What I can assure you is that any one of these toys would surely turn the hot Christmas holidays 2012 into a fun one.

There is not much I can say at this point but to greet you a Merry Christmas and I sincerely hope that you will be happy with any purchase that you do from this list of best toys 2012. So what are you still doing reading this article? Go on and start clicking where it matters and do your shopping before it becomes too late! The more items you buy from this list of the hottest toys for Christmas 2012, the more kids you will be putting a smile on their faces on so keep those fingers clicking. Again, Merry Christmas to you and your family!

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