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Cut The Rope ApptivityThis review of the Cut The Rope Apptivity is based on the product as it is available at

How Much:

The Cut The Rope Apptivity toys are currently retailing between $15 to $20. Click here for the exact price tag for the product as currently offered at Amazon.  There are bound to be price changes on this infant product depending on the highly sensitive condition of the market nowadays.

Who Would Buy This:

For those of you who are not familiar with the Cut The Rope app, it is a step further on from the app. It leaves you engrossed for hours being one of the highly addictive apps available on Android and Apple products. Keep reading to get a full understanding of this phenomenon.

Things We Like About the Cut The Rope Apptivity:

Cut The Rope Apptivity ToysThe Cut The Rope Apptivity Fruit Ninja is a stand out product, and to know why it is so, read on the additional product information provided.

A Step to the Next Level

Mattel has developed a range of apptivity products that blend the traditional world of in hand toys and the modern world of touch screen devices and apps. It has opened the doors to the realization that apps could be more interactive than it currently is. The Cut the Rope Apptivity is essentially the Cut The Rope app being played through the use of a figurine. By placing the figurine on the device, a sensor on the figurine controls the screen and adds a new dimension to app gaming in a clever manner. It feels like it is your finger that is on the screen all the time.

Bound to be an exceptionally popular product, Mattel has innovatively extended the app market with this highly impressive work that have been produced.

Things We Did Not Like About the Cut The Rope Apptivity:

Cut The Rope Apptivity Fruit NinjaThere is a feeling that Mattel could have somewhat extended the range of the Cut The Rope Apptivity toys instead of limiting them to only three apps. The reason for this limitation is unclear, it maybe to test first the market response to this excellent range of toys to play with, and eventually go out all the way after the receipt of a great market response. Whatever the reason may be, one thing is undeniably certain, the Cut The Rope app is so much fun to engage in!


For obvious reasons, a guarantee for the Cut The RopeApptivity Mattel’s may not be offered. However, a guarantee on the figurine may be worthwhile watching out for.

Is the Cut The Rope Apptivity Worth the Money?

Cut The Rope Apptivity Mattel'sFirst and foremost, the Cut The Rope app is definitely not expensive, although its price may be on the steep side. Given the technology involved in the figure, and the fun you will be getting out of the app, this product is totally worth the money you will be spending.

Where Can I Buy the Cut The Rope Apptivity?

The Cut The Rope app is available for purchase at Amazon where the online shopping for most knowledgeable people goes on.

More Customer Reviews from Owners of Cut The Rope Apptivity:

Click on the link above to read up on the happy reviews of current owners of the app on the Amazon site, should my review be not enough for you to decide on.

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