Product Review – Delta 500 Vapor Blaster

Delta 500 Vapor BlasterCompany:

It is at, the world’s most popular online retailer, where the Delta 500 Vapor Blaster can be purchased from.

How Much:

While the Delta 500 Vapor Shooter has a MSRP of $24.99 being a new toy, confirmation of the price at which they will be marketing the product is yet to be done by Amazon. Click here to see if Amazon has already confirmed its price for this toy.

Who Would Buy This:

Being a pure fun toy, the Delta 500 Vapor Blaster is perfect for kids who are either looking for an extension of their collected range of Vapor Blaster weaponry or wanting to get their foot in the door with the acquisition of a product from the hottest range of safe and fun toy guns.

Things We Liked About the Delta 500 Vapor Blaster:

Delta 500 Vapor ShooterTo make up your mind whether the Delta 500 Vapor Blasting suits your needs, some features of the product, which may catch your eye when looking for the right toy gun for you, are detailed in the following discussion.

Ammo and More Ammo

While other rifles may hold more ammo, the Delta 500 Vapor Blaster comes with 500 pieces of non-toxic water-based ammo which biodegrades upon use and is therefore clean and safe to use. Extended fun without the need for reloading is offered by this gun that holds 100 rounds at any one time. The ammo flies with incredibility in both speed and accuracy, which cannot be said of other rifles available in the market today.


How comfortable it is for such a big gun is the first noticeable thing about the Delta 500 Vapor Shooter upon pick up. There will be no rubbing or bruising when using this awesome piece of weaponry as it offers a comfort-designed pump action system, which in other guns appears to be uncomfortable to use.

Things We Did Not Like About the Delta 500 Vapor Blaster:

Delta 500 Vapor BlastingThere is a feature included in the Delta 500 Vapor Blaster that may turn some people off although honestly speaking, there is not much to dislike about this toy.


The ammo that comes with this toy gun is for one time use only but is damn right cheap so in the end this water-based ammo feature may actually be considered a neat one in the long run. Furthermore, considering that other rifles which come with reusable dart-type ammo, often result to breakages and losses, their constant ammo replacement may eventually prove to be less cost effective.


The Delta 500 Vapor Blasting comes with a standard manufacturer’s warranty while Amazon offers free shipping options for the toy.

Is the Delta 500 Vapor Blaster Worth the Money?

Delta V500 Vapor BlasterWith a very competitive standard price that nudges the Delta 500 Vapor Blaster ahead of its competition, the toy gets my thumbs up absolutely and equivocally.

Where Can I Buy the Delta 500 Vapor Blaster?

With its offering of the best prices, great shipping options and reliability, Amazon remains to be my preferred resource and number one place to buy this fabulous toy gun.

More Customer Reviews from Owners of the Delta 500 Vapor Blaster:

Click the link above to read what others who have bought the product from Amazon are saying about the Delta 500 Vapor Shooter.

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