Disney Infinity Starter Pack

WII (3.4/5)

Xbox 360 (4.2/5)

PS3 (4.3/5)

WII U (4.3/5)

3DS (3.5/5)

Disney Infinity Starter Pack

The Disney Infinity Starter Pack gives kids a chance to play with characters from Disney and Pixar’s deep bench of quirky personalities and imaginative worlds, letting them explore and play to their hearts’ content.

The Disney Infinity Starter Pack 3DS take a multimedia approach with the combination of gaming and collectibles with a range of toys that unlock corresponding characters in the game.

The Disney Infinity Starter Pack WII U goes beyond the obviously lucrative games+collectibles model by encouraging imaginative play and real exploration over a generic adventure story or repetitive combat scenarios.

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The Disney Infinity Starter Pack PS3 is pretty amazing is its harnessing of imaginative possibilities of actual play, delivering actual choice, letting kids build an imaginary world to play in and finding all sorts of fun ways to explore

Kids can play as Disney and Pixar characters in the Disney Infinity Starter Pack Xbox 360, as they explore the world of movies and unleash their imagination with creations all their own.

The Disney Infinity Starter Pack WII is a magical experience, putting it head and shoulders above similarly conceptualized competition.


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Disney Infinity Starter Pack Features:

  • basic pieces to start playing in virtual Magic Kingdom, i.e., game disc, Infinity Base, 1 power disc and 3 figurines, i.e., Jack Sparrow, Mr. Incredible and Sully
  • includes Web Code Card for unlocking further game elements online
  • Infinity Base is specialized NFC reader of chips embedded in figurines and power disc, for unlocking play sets, i.e., game worlds appropriate to each character or figurine
  • additional new characters or Infinity figurines are purchased in sets of 2 or 3
  • Toy Box, a free play sectionp, where all sorts of characters and elements can be mashed up across different properties
  • power disc with 3 setting up features, i.e., abilities, toys and customizations
  • available in major platforms, i.e., Xbox 360, PS3, WII U, WII and Nintendo 3DS
  • online component for creation and sharing of custom Toy Box creations on iPad or PC
  • local 2-player option and network play up to 4 players
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Disney Infinity Starter Pack Characters

Disney Infinity Starter Pack Pros & Cons:





What People Say about Disney Infinity Starter Pack:

“I have 3 sons who are 4, 6, and 8, and they have really enjoyed playing this both together and individually! They love the characters that came with this set which is wonderful, because if I had them to pick, I probably wouldn’t have selected ANY of these…but they really have enjoyed them! Sometimes they play multiplayer in the Toy Box area, and other times, one will play and show the others tips on how to get through the single-player game area, but regardless, they have really enjoyed this game!” – Denise M.”

What People Say About Disney Infinity Starter Pack “Hours and hours of fun. Figurines are very cute. Can be played alone or with another person. Very nice game for BOTH boys and girls and age appropriate for everyone. Its Disney quality so you can be assured its been well tested and received.” – C Von “plenty of research b4”

What People Say About Disney Infinity Starter Pack 2

“My son has had a great time with his little buddies of the neighborhood playing this game! They get no more than an hour a day (unless it’s raining outside), but they’re just thrilled to pieces during their video game frenzied hour. He got this when he was 6, and his buddies in the neighborhood range from 4-9 years old. Yes, big range for kid-years, but they all enjoy Disney Infinity Starter Pack, and I bought it almost a year ago!” – A. Covington




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