Product Review – Dr Who Tardis Phone Safe


Dr Who Tardis Phone SafeThe excellent product as it is available from Amazon, the largest online retailer, is the basis for this review of  Dr Who Tardis Phone Safe.

How Much:

Dr Who Merchandise Phone Safe is currently retailing between $27 and $32. Click here for the exact price of this toy as available at Amazon. In making that all important purchasing decision, read through the following product review to know exactly what can be expected from this toy.

Who Would Buy This:

Without a shadow of a doubt, Dr Who Tardis Phone Safe will be loved by both smart phone owners and Doctor Who fans. A smart phone is a necessity in this case as an app is used for the unlocking of the safe.

Things We Like About Dr Who Tardis Phone Safe:

To honestly believe that Dr Who Toys Phone Safe is a good purchase, relevant research on your part is warranted as knowing exactly what is being bought is essential in making the right buy. This may be your lucky day as I took it upon myself to do the research for you. So just read on and forget about doing the research yourself.

A Clever Idea

Dr Who Merchandise Phone SafeWhen I first witness a demonstration of Dr Who Tardis Phone Safe, I got the impression it was just a Doctor Who Tardis replica that just sits there for everyone to admire the intricate detail that went into its design.  Boy was I in for a big surprise when the demonstrator took out his cell phone. I had an inkling of what was to happen next, but I could not believe it possible until…

With an open jaw and complete amazement, I watched the demonstrator open up the Tardis Safe app and slotted his iPhone in to the top of the Dr Who Merchandise Phone Safe. To advise that the device was properly connected, the light on top of the Tardis lit up instantly. The door to the Phone Safe swing open with a very creaking door noise, some cool sound effects inside and glowing lights after the demonstrator typed in a 4 digit security key.

An undeniably simple but clever and awesome idea is what the toy is, an idea so lovable you would not be able to get it out of your head once you have seen it.

Things We Did Not Like About Dr Who Tardis Phone Safe

To make your own mind up whether or not Dr Who Tardis Phone Safe is the right product for you, here is a negative feature of the product, this being an independent review and all.


Dr Who Toys Phone SafeThere is an uncertainty regarding the sturdiness of Dr Who Toys Phone Safe. You can not help but wonder whether the door mechanism that is seemingly solid could be easily broken in to or not. However, knowing that this is not a reinforced steel and concrete safe meant for the storage of diamonds or money, but rather a gimmick styled product, worrying over impregnability is a less practical matter that it is thought to be.


There is a 30 day money back guarantee that comes with the toy if bought from Amazon.

Is The Dr Who Tardis Phone Safe Worth The Money?

There is no thinking twice in offering the Dr Who Tardis Phone Safe to somebody as a gift as I would not think twice in buying one for myself. Being so impressed with the product concept, the only thing I can give it is a thumbs up.

Dr Who Sonic Screwdriver Phone SafeWhere Can I Buy Dr Who Tardis Phone Safe?

As Amazon remains unbeatable in terms of both price and quality as well as delivery, preference in purchasing this cool Doctor Who product from them remains my recommendation for the place to buy.

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