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EZ FortEZ Fort is a simple snap together child’s toy for creation of forts, cottages, tents, castles, tunnels or clubhouses that can actually be played in.

It is a great product for encouraging hours of imaginative play, for use by a single kid or a group for great home, preschool, day care and kindergarten classroom activity.

EZ Fort provides enough room to play in the structure that is built, countless adventures can be had with just the addition of an old sheet or some other lightweight material.

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Recommended for children 3-7 years old, EZ Fort is found to be enjoyable to both younger and older children as they construct a variety of fun play buildings and actually use them for various imaginative adventures.

This 54 piece construction set consists of 2.5 inch diameter spheres, 24 inch plastic tubes and 17 inch plastic tubes for frame creation of various shapes and sizes.

EZ Fort is a terrific education toy for its encouragement of imagination use for hour upon hour of creative play; develops hand-eye coordination in fitting tubes into holes in the spheres and problem solving to get wanted design; parent-child bonding in creation of new and different forts and tunnels and cooperative play with friends and siblings in building and playing in a variety of structures


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EZ Fort Features:

  • easy assembly and breakdown for children building on their won
  • color coded lengths of robust polycarbonate tube pushes into precision engineered connecting spheres for creation of a  vast array of structures
  • versatile, can be used either indoors or outdoors
  • more and larger structures can be created by additional set provision
  • lightweight pieces with no sharp edges or comers
  • large pieces present no choking hazard
  • safe for children of all ages
  • requires no batteries

EZ Fort Features

EZ Fort Pros & Cons:





  • not enough reinforced orange foam pieces for building stable structures
  • a bit small fabric pannies for kids to clip on easily


What People Say about EZ Fort:

EZ Fort Structures“So much easier then moving furniture all around. We have had a lot of fun with this. Not sure about the complaints that they don’t stay together. Just have to push in all the way. Only complaint is that there aren’t more pieces. Might end up buying a second kit. Also the storage box fell apart pretty quickly but I just made a simple sack bag to put it in (pillow case would probably work well).” – Amazon Customer


“My children – ages 7 and 4, were constantly building tents to sleep in. They would pile high totes of toys, spread blankets from bed to tote, place books, toys anything to weight down the blanket so they could sleep under it. During nights the tent usually fell. I winced when I saw the heavy objects that could fall on them in the night and would end up trying to build something for them that would hold and be safe.

This toy is awesome! Now they can build a safe tent to sleep in and I do not have to worry about bumps and messes! This toy is something that is most worth owning to me! Sparks imagination with constructing it and play.

My only regret is I only bought one! I think with 3 kids, more will be coming to our home for birthdays.” – Linda Noullet


“I was looking for a fort-building set for my 10-year-old’s birthday, and after reviewing several other options we chose EZ-Fort. I’m so glad we did! He hasn’t stopped building since opening the box last week.

The poles aren’t indestructible and certainly wouldn’t hold up if the kids were to try and climb on the fort, but they hold several layers of regular bed sheets very well. The connector balls can be a tight fit on the top and bottom, but my 7-year-old can handle connecting them well enough.

We got one EZ Fort kit, and my son has been able to make some impressive structures with it. We will probably get another kit or two in the future to expand his (and his siblings) options, but one kit has been great to start with.” – Nathan L. Brown




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