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Flash Rider 360 Three WheelerThe Flash Rider 360 Three Wheeler is a product available at

How Much:

Currently retailing between $84.99 and $92.88, the Flash Rider 360 Three Wheeler toys is the subject of this review based on the product as it is currently being sold at Amazon. Click here to know the price of this cool toy at which it can be purchased from Amazon right now.

Who Would Buy This:

If you are looking for the perfect gift that will send your son or daughter out into the great outdoors, where he or she can interact with his or her friends, while at the same time enjoying tremendous amounts of fun, the Flash Rider 360 is it!

Things We Like About Flash Rider 360 Three Wheeler:

Flash Rider 360 Three Wheeler SparkAs kids will be very happy to see this cool bike parked up in the garage ready for some fun cycling action, there are some information about the Flash Rider 360 Three Wheeler Outdoors that you can get excited about.

The Coolest Bike Ever

Your kid can be the coolest kid on the block as he cruises around the neighbourhood, creating sparks and carving out donuts. How I wish the Flash Rider 360 was invented back when I was still a kid!

While there are many bikes recently available which are advertised to be cool and fun and proved to be so, they have tendencies of breaking up easily what with how heavy handed kids can be. Their cool and fun quality is overshadowed by the fact that they are not made well and consequently considered to be a total waste of money. No such predicament with the Flash Rider 360 Three Wheeler though because the first thing that will strike you upon seeing it is how well it is made.

Because the main focus of the Flash Rider 360 is on the 360 degree stunts that can be pulled of with it, robustness was an integral part of its design.  It has two back wheels with a full 360 degree range of movement, so that the back swings around, apparently out of control, when its handle bars and pedal are turned. You can guess that kids could be spinning around in circles for as long as their bodies can stand it.

There is a cool little handle feature in the Flash Rider 360, referred to as the spark break, that allows the creation of sparks on the ground. A perfect component for cycling along, turning the handles and cruising into some sort of out of this world power slide that sends totally safe sparks flying in the air.

Truly this is an exceptional bike that can put a huge smile if not laughter on any kid’s face.

Things We Did Not Like About Flash Rider 360 Three Wheeler

Flash Rider 360 Three Wheeler OutdoorsAny negative feature of a product can put a dent on the decision of whether or not it should be purchased. Following is a relevant point about the Flash Rider 360 Three Wheeler toys that I thought was worth including in this independent review.

Low To The Ground

Supervision during play time may be needed as the child will be placed very low to the ground using the Flash Rider 360 primarily due to the pure design of the product. Fret not for a solution to this apparent problem is available in the form of safety pads and helmets. The chances, however, of flipping over in this bike are very slim given its high degree of sturdiness.


Other than free shipping options currently on offer over at Amazon, there may be warranties and guarantees that go with the purchase of the Flash Rider 360.

Is The Flash Rider 360 Three Wheeler Worth The Money?

Flash Rider 360 Three Wheeler ToysThe Flash Rider 360 Three Wheeler Spark is a cool way of getting your kid out of the house and more proactive than he has ever been. This is reason enough to make the bike worth its cost, a cost that is reasonably priced by the way.

Where Can I Buy Flash Rider 360 Three Wheeler?

I just ordered a Flash Rider 360 for my son over at Amazon, it’s on its way and my son couldn’t be any happier than he is right now waiting for this shipment to arrive.

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