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GI Joe FigurinesThis review on GI Joe Figurines is based on the new range of collectibles released as an aftermath of the GI Joe Retaliation movie. My own collection of GI Joe Figurines was acquired from

How Much:

The Amazon prices are the best offered on GI Joe 3 ¾ Figures so click here to keep a keen guard on the latest price at which these statues are currently being sold at the present time.

Who Would Buy This:

Understanding what grabbing the latest GI Joe Figurines means to a child is a characteristic inborn to people who have been lucky enough to grow up with GI Joe. Putting that smile on the face of a child can be immediately accomplished by allowing him to get his hand on these latest collectibles to hit the shelves. Do not disappoint him by doing otherwise.

Things We Like About the GI Joe Figurines:

GI Joe 3 3/4 FiguresDetailing what exactly is to be expected from the new GI Joe Action Figures 2012 is part and parcel of every independent review to let you know exactly what you are purchasing. This leaves a narrow margin for you to do your own research.

Quality Excellence

The GI Joe brand was originally created as a toy with the movies about it following after, so it is no surprise that the GI Joe 3 3/4 Figures provide much more fun than its movies that actually proved to be not that good and less entertaining. The great effort that Hasbro placed in the making of the GI Joe 3 ¾ Figures produced statues of the highest quality, from all angles, design, construction and artwork. The Hollywood stars that were featured in the GI Joe Retaliation movie, Bruce Willis and Dwayne Johnson, are instantly recognizable from these GI Joe Action Figures 2012.

Large Collectible Range

Available as GI Joe Figurines would be all the main characters from the movie, including Snake Eyes, Duke, Roadblock, Joe Trooper, Cobra Commander, Storm Shadow, Lady Jaye and the Multiple Cobra Ninjas.

Things We Did Not Like About the GI Joe Figurines:

New GI Joe Action Figures 2012The only minor thing that might put you off when buying these GI Joe Action Figures 2012 is the small accessories that come with the statues, which may not be suitable for very young children. As far as the figures looking like they were in the movie and their being well designed and robust, these are assured to be liked by both adult and kid collectors, just be sure to buy according to age when it comes to buying them for children.


For further information about guarantees that come with this toy, other than the excellent 30 day money back guarantee and great range of free shipping options offered by Amazon, visit the Amazon site from time to time to be on continuous look out.

Are the GI Joe Figurines Worth the Money?

There is a certain excitement that comes with paying a reasonable price for these GI Joe Figurines for a parent and his child that are both keen GI Joe fans.

Where Can I Buy the GI Joe Figurines?

GI Joe Figurines HasbroThere is no other online store that elicits the greatest buying happiness and satisfaction than Amazon so far. Purchasing from this store can be a habit forming endeavour.

More Customer Reviews from Owners of GI Joe Figurines:

Click on the link about to check on customer reviews on the GI Joe 3 ¾ Figures and discover how popular this range of toys have become through the years.

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