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Glow Crazy Glow GloveCompany:

The Glow Crazy Glow Glove is a product being sold at and this review is based on this.

How Much:

The Crazy Glove New Glow retails at $15.76. Click here to find out the exact price at which you can purchase this toy that makes glowing in the dark 5 times more fun at this very instant.

Who Would Buy This:

The Glow Crazy Glow Glove Toy is the coolest gift to give kids, five years and up, who loves to draw and likes the feeling that he has “the force.” Kids are surely gonna get hooked on this one and will be wanting all of the the glow in the dark products from the same company.

Crazy Glove New GlowThings We Like About Glow Crazy Glow Glove:

The most salient features of the Glow Crazy Glow Glove are laid down for you in the following review so you can make a firm decision whether it is a toy for your kids or not.

Flash of a Toy

This product may be the flashiest toy yet on the market today. It has cool lights that fit each finger of either right or left hand that make glowing in the dark more fun than usual. It comes with 2 wall clings, made from super glow material, that sticks to walls without damage. It provides an awesome canvas on which kids can make their own designs. There is no end to the cool glow designs a kid can make from its 4 crazy settings of sequence, flash, constant and pattern. Kids will be kept doodling for hours without creating any mess at all.

The mechanics of the toy is simple where the children attach the glove to their hand that then emits a glow beam from the fingertips that enable them to write and draw on the special glow-in-the-dark wall cling that can be placed on just about any surface. The wall clings can be cut into different shapes, easily removable and do not leave any mark or stain on the surface they are hanged on. It’s a one-of-a-kind toy that translates lots of fun for kids and is expected to be a huge hit during the holiday seasons.

Glow Crazy Glow Glove ToyThings We Did Not Like About Glow Crazy Glow Glove:

Adult Assistance Requirement

For parents who buy toys for the kids expecting to leave them on their own may find the Glow Crazy Glow Glove not to answer their needs as putting on the glove on younger children may likely require some adult assistance. However, walking around the house with glowing toenails, finding glowing things on the wall, albeit, a glowing monkey hanging in the room, a glowing household spray, et al, will negate the initial feeling of irritation from this additional parental task.


The 30 day return policy offered by Amazon applies to the purchase of this product.

Is The Glow Crazy Glow Glove Worth The Money?

The fun it affords the kids and the challenge it provides them to experiment on design creations are enough compensation to make this special toy worth the money spent.

Glow Crazy Glow Glove ReviewWhere Can I Buy Glow Crazy Glow Glove?

Amazon is your best bet in procuring this toy for your kids as it remains undisputably the place to go for the best prices and the fastest deliveries currently available online.

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