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Hasbro BeyBlade Destroyer DomeThe Hasbro BeyBlade Destroyer Dome is a toy being retailed over at

How Much:

The Hasbro BeyBlade Battleship Dome is currently priced from $40 to $45. Click here to make sure what the current price is over at Amazon where you get the most incredible prices all the time.

Who Would Buy This:

The Hasbro BeyBlade Destroyer Dome is one of the BeyBlade Toys modern kids get to play with that the unfortunate ones like me, who did not grow up with Beyblade can only get jealous about.

Things We Like About the Hasbro BeyBlade Destroyer Dome:

Hasbro BeyBlade Battleship DomeThere is a lot of buzz going around that the Hasbro BeyBlade Cruiser Dome is tipped to be a number one favourite among kids worldwide and this is exactly why.

Mid Air Battle Royale

The Hasbro BeyBlade Destroyer Dome is quite simple to use, with its two holes at the top of the dome. The battle disc is just attached to the launcher to start the countdown and go into battle. Whoever is the last one to the bottom of the dome is certified as the victor.

The great thing about this toy is its incorporation of the BeyBlade discs into a battle arena, where mid-air collisions and battles are carried out.

The toy provides massively customizable battle wheels that come in hundreds of variation. This allows a kid to fight against his friends through the creation of a huge battle royale tournament. For launching into the dome, the original performance tops are combined with a wheel.

Things We Did Not Like About the Hasbro BeyBlade Destroyer Dome:

There may be a negative feature in the BeyBlade range of toys that you need to be aware of that does not in any way hinder its being a great addition to any toy collection.

Short Life of Battles

Hasbro BeyBlade Cruiser DomeThere is a little amount of surprise that comes with the time the battles last which may be a matter of a few seconds from the time of the inception of the BeyBlade disc onto the top of the Hasbro Beyblade Destroyer Dome to the wheels landing at the bottom. The battle duration is entirely dependent on collisions during the battle. In the absence of collisions, the battle length becomes determined by the type of track used, either gripped or smooth, the angle that the wheel enters the dome and the strength used in the launching process.

Still, the toy provides a lot of fun, expected to last for years to come and is an excellent addition to the BeyBlade range of products. These facts are not taken away by this minor disappointment that may or may not matter to the players.


As always, Amazon has a 30 day money back guarantee along with excellent free shipping options that come with most of its product offerings. On top of this, there may be an additional guarantee from the manufacturer that you should be looking out for.

Is the Hasbro BeyBlade Destroyer Dome Worth the Money?

Hasbro BeyBlade Disaster DomeIt is a must have toy for any BeyBlade fan that comes with a price tag that is not worth losing sleep over.

Where Can I Buy the Hasbro BeyBlade Destroyer Dome?

The best price on the internet remains to be offered at Amazon so going over the site and grabbing this fabulous toy is the only place to go.

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