Product Review – Hasbro Lazer Tag 2 Blaster


Hasbro Lazer Tag 2 BlasterThis Hasbro Lazer Tag 2 Blaster review is based on the toy as available for purchase from the most trusted online retail store, Amazon is known to have the best prices available online so there is no other company of such high quality of service to buy from.

How Much:

Currently priced between $40 and $70, you can readily know the current price of this Amazon Lazer Tag 2 Blaster with a click here.

Who Would Buy This:

The perfect solution for parents who want their kids to get out of the house and enjoy the great outdoors by interacting with friends, the Hasbro Lazer Tag 2 Blaster is a toy running synonymous to having fun, more fun and the most fun. However, to use the toy, there is the added requirement of owning either an iPhone or an iPod Touch.

Things We Like About the Hasbro Lazer Tag 2 Blaster:

Amazon Lazer Tag 2 BlasterIt is never good to make a rush purchase when it comes to buying anything. It is always better to do some research on the product first. Being an independent reviewer requires me to do the donkey work for you. So just read on to know the focal points about the Transformers Lazer Tag 2 Blaster before making your decision of whether to buy it or not.

Sheer Interactive Fun

Hasbro has cleverly extended their range of toys to take advantage of the exciting app world that Apple products have provided. To enjoy this easy to use toy, all that is needed to be done is download the Lazer Tag app on to an iPhone or iPod Touch, place the Apple device into an allocated slot on the gun and you are ready and set to go and enjoy pure, unadultered fun.

The Lazer Tag app of the Hasbro Lazer Tag 2 Blaster enables a kid, or an adult for that matter, to play against virtual competitors, wherever he may be. Playing this toy outdoors would translate to more fun as the kid will have the space to roam around while shooting his virtual competitors as he gets engrossed and gets into the groove provided by this really cool toy.

Things We Did Not Like About the Hasbro Lazer Tag 2 Blaster:

Transformers Lazer Tag 2 BlasterThe inclusion of an apparent negative aspect to the toy is necessary to make sure a potential buyer gets all the information available relevant to his decision making process.

Apple User Limitation

It is easy to understand why Hasbro decided to team up with Apple in coming out with the Amazon Lazer Tag 2 Blaster as Apple products are the most popular devices on the market today. Unfortunately, this does not favour parents who do not own an iPhone or iPod Touch with children screaming out for the toy as a gift. Before hitting that final pay button, be sure to double check if Hasbro has extended the product to be compatible to other devices other than the iPhone or iPod Touch.


The excellent shipping options offered by Amazon typically include free shipping throughout the year for certain products. In addition to this, there is the most likelihood that a standard warranty is available for the Hasbro Lazer Tag 2 Blaster.

Is the Hasbro Lazer Tag 2 Blaster Worth the Money?

Toys R Us Lazer Tag 2 BlasterIf only for the high level of interactive fun and physical exertion that the Transformers Lazer Tag 2 Blaster offers you and your child, it is absolutely worth its price tag and is assured of becoming a massive hit among kids and adults alike.

Where Can I Buy the Hasbro Lazer Tag 2 Blaster?

There is no thinking twice when buying from Amazon as it does not sway away from its provision of excellent quality, best online prices and superfast shipping for which it is known for.

More Customer Reviews from Owners of Hasbro Lazer Tag 2 Blaster:

Click on the link above for receipt of further reviews on the Hasbro Lazer Tag 2 Blaster, this time, from actual users and owners.

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