Product Review – Hasbro The Game Of Life Zapped


Hasbro The Game Of Life offers the Hasbro The Game Of Life Zapped app in their online retail store.

How Much:

The going price for the Hasbro The Game Of Life Zapped ranges from $14.49 to $24.99. Click here to get the current price of the game as offered in Amazon today and read further to find out why this is such a cool toy to pick up.

Who Would Buy This:

Hasbro the Game Of Life Get Zapped is up for grabs by fans of the original board game who may still have the board game stashed away as a collectible and currently has an iPad among their precious possessions.

Things We Like About the Hasbro The Game Of Life Zapped

Take a look as to why I honestly think everyone should pick this game up. Following is a preview of what’s in store for you should you decide to get this toy for yourself.

Unparalleled Family Experience

Hasbro The Game Of Life Get ZappedThe Hasbro The Game Of Life Zapped Edition is an updated version of one of the most famous family board games in history that turns this classic Game Of Life board game into an interactive and fun board game. It adds a twist to important family bonding with its offering better ways of having a laugh with your kin while playing.

The simple requirements of this board game version includes the downloading of a free app on an iPad, the placing of the iPad at the centre of the board from which control of game play is managed. The classic board layout remains, as well as the accumulation of paper cash and a toy car for cruising the way to perfect retirement. The main difference lies in the use of the iPad for spinning, suing competition, getting paid and carrying out all the original features of the classic board game.

Things We Did Not Like about Hasbro The Game Of Life: Zapped

To ensure that readers are aware of the existence of any negative feature of the subject product of the review, an apparent weakness has been included in the discussion.

Classic Ruin

Hasbro The Game Of Life Zapped EditionWhile still a board game, despite its modern twist on the classic original, the Hasbro The Game Of Life Get Zapped has made some people think why reinvent the wheel when the wheel is working pretty well. If the object of the parents in their selection of gifts for their kids is to get them away from the computer and TV, this toy may not be a good choice. However, if the object is to have fun with the kids through the spending of quality time together, this may just be the game you are looking for, the perfect combination of the classic and the modern.


The 30 day money back guarantee and excellent shipping options remain to be the classic purchase come-ons over at Amazon.

Is the Hasbro The Game Of Life Zapped Worth The Money?

Bringing family fun at a relatively affordable price that can last a lifetime, there is not much to dislike about the Hasbro The Game Of Life Zapped Edition for iPad. It is definitely worth the money if only for its low price tag not to highlight the enjoyment it brings.

Where Can I Buy the Hasbro The Game Of Life Zapped?

Hasbro The Game Of Life Zapped AppBeing overwhelmingly impressed with shopping experiences with Amazon, I recommend you get your copy from this number one online retailer in town.

More Customer Reviews from Owners of Hasbro The Game Of Life Zapped:

Click on the link above to get over to Amazon for a view of a sprinkling of excellent reviews on the Hasbro The Game Of Life Get Zapped app.

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