Hot Wheels Street Hawk


Hot Wheels Street HawkThe Hot Wheels Street Hawk is a 4-wheel car with air bound capabilities, easily manageable from a simple, great looking controller.

It is definitely not your usual RC toy, being fast and easy to maneuver, offering the same exceptional control, both on the ground and in the air.

The Hot Wheels Street Hawk is recommended for kids aged 5 to 15, as it is a great remote control car for kids and a really cool device for teenagers to impress their friends.

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Hot Wheels Street Hawk Remote Control Flying CarThe Hot Wheels Street Hawk is definitely something new, with a manageable learning curve, i.e., learning how to maneuver offers no difficulty, with much to learn before ending up using it for impressive stunts.

Its aerodynamic design allows for impressive low range and high speed maneuvers which will test reflexes make it an envy of the whole park.

The Hot Wheels Street Hawk can be used indoors as an RC car, despite needing a lot of room for proper maneuver, particularly when it comes to flying.


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Hot Wheels Street Hawk Features:

  • can be race on land or taken to the skies
  • flies up to 200 ft
  • 360 degree proportional ground steering
  • Charges via USB or transmitter
  • 2.4 Ghz remote control
  • dual 8mm electric motors

Hot Wheels Street Hawk Features

Hot Wheels Street Hawk Pros & Cons:





  • bit pricey
  • short flight time compared to charging time
  • most parts made from styrofoam


What People Say about Hot Wheels Street Hawk:

Hot Wheels Street Hawk Pros“First off do not get to excited when you first open it up because it does not come with batteries and has to be charged in addition. It takes 6 AA batteries. Now once you have it ready to go (making sure you have plenty of room and with pavement (doesn’t go on grass) You are going to have a blast. This thing recommends ages 5 to 15. WOW what a bad piece of information LOL I am 60 years old and I had more fun with this and I have to say was very hard to share with the kids :) It is pretty durable, I had a few crashes at first but then I got it figured out and I was doing some maneuvering in the sky. You have to be sure and not turn it too fast or it will crash easy but it does come with 2 spare propellers so that is nice.” – Mynana


“This toy was more than I expected it to be! When it came my son & I ripped it out of the box and got it charging. I was very concerned about how it would work, for example controlling the flying & such. After it was charged I took my 11 year old out side to give it a try. It flew amazing. It is very light weight and I was concerned about breakage if he crashed it! But it has held up very well. He was having so much fun he had my husband come out and give it a try! And he loved it too. this is a great product for any age I feel. My 8 year old daughter also enjoyed flying it. It was a bit harder for her to control but still worked well. I am a Bzz agent and this product was provided free from Mattel.” – booklover


What People Say About Hot Wheels Street Hawk“I received this free from Mattel through BzzAgent. I know it’s been listed before, but as an FYI, it does require 6 AA batteries that are not included with the car. When I received this, my 8 year old son was very excited to get to try this out, and he had a lot of fun using it. For the flying aspect of it, it doesn’t take too overly long to figure out the controls/handling, but you will want to go to a park, or have a wide open space to fly it, as it isn’t too effective in more “cramped spaces”. And despite your first instincts of seeing it, it is very durable and can handle crashes very well. And the car aspect of it is as fun and awesome as you’d expect from the Hot Wheels brand. Again, based on my son’s experience and enthusiasm with it, I highly recommend the Hot Wheels Street Hawk.” – Ben Hansen “Ben”




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