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InkoosThis review was written on the basis of a great range of Inkoos that are currently available from the largest and best online retailer in the world,

How Much:

These toys are priced from $11.99 to $21.99. Click here to know exactly its going rate is at Amazon as of this very moment. The best prices are always available at Amazon, the secret to how they manage to always do so may surprise everybody including myself.

Who Would Buy This:

These toys are ideal for boys and girls from 3 years and older who have the penchant for drawing, as they are excellent cuddly toys designed to be drawn on. Who knows your children may grow up to be a Rembrandt or a Picasso so why not start their training early? Do not think it will be messy because the drawings can be easily washed off with a little soap and a lot of water.

Things We Like About Inkoos

Inkoos ToysWith the intention to help you in your decision making, I have put together this review so you need not trawl the internet for the acquisition of the necessary information before making a purchase.

Drawing While Playing

A toy designed to be cuddly and cute and at the same be drawn and coloured on is certainly a better alternative for children instead of drawing all over walls and floors. Parents need not be prompted to buy the Inkoos for their children if only for this one reason. Kids will surely take to these toys in an exceptionally quick and well manner.

These toys come in quite a variety of Inkoos design, each one coming with its own standard set of pens and an inspirational pack to give the child ideas on how to draw on and colour his toy. It will be interesting to see what kind of a painter your child may grow up into. Be prepared to see contrast in colours and styles between your sons and daughters, male siblings typically attracted to the use of a load of vibrant colours without focus on a particular design while female siblings tend to draw and colour in a more restrained and precise manner.

It would be interesting to see how easily these Inkoos clean up and dry out of the washing machine. Though there may be some residual colours left on them after the first washing, they will come up very clean after a second wash. Washing the toys can be a joyous experience knowing the Inkoos will be ready for a new session of drawing and colouring by your kids.

Things We Did Not Like About Inkoos

Inkoos PlushIt is always a challenge to find a negative facet when dealing a very impressive product such as the Inkoos toys. Following is something that you may be interested to know about this particular product.

Staining Ink

It is imperative that you to tell your kids from the very start that they are not allowed to draw on anything other than the Inkoos themselves as the ink that comes from the included pens do stain on cushion covers and the like. Despite numerous cleaning, the colours from the pens continue to remain on the covers. Looking at the situation from a different light, these toys can be the perfect vehicle in disciplining the children on proper care for home decors and furnishings.


With the purchase of these washable toys,  Amazon currently offers  free shipping options.

Are The Inkoos Worth The Money?

Inkoos WashableAt the price paid for these toys and the happiness that kids experience with these plush products, not to mention their exposure to the art of drawing and colouring, all these add up to happy parents that are sure to give the toys a thumbs up.

Where Can I Buy Inkoos?

These toys are up for grabs at the website.

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