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Kidizoom Smart Watch BlueThe Kidizoom Smart Watch is a camera watch with a built in clock function, that is fun, easy to use with a durable design.

Its wearable form factor makes it a stand out in the toy market and its intuitive interface will have kids wanting to play with it for a long while.

The Kidizoom Smart Watch (Blue) is part of the Kidizoom camera collection, intended for kids aged 3 to 9 years old, designed to take photos and videos on the go and learning to tell time through a variety of clock displays.

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The Kidizoom Smart Watch (White) is made of rubbery plastic material, designed to be worn on the wrist and take bumps and dumps.

The Kidizoom Smart Watch (Vivid Violet) has 3 built-in games, i.e., Super Detective, Rotating Puzzle and Finger Dance, a voice recorder with 5 voice-changing effects, an alarm clock, a timer and a stopwatch function.

The watch face of the Kidizoom Smart Watch (Sky Blue) features a 1.4 inch color display with 128 x 128 resolution and touch functionality while its camera is located at the top of the watch face, turned outward, with 640 x 480 resolution for photos, taking either 320 x 240 or 160 x 120 videos at 15 frames per second.


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Kidizoom Smart Watch Additional Features:

  • downloadable photos and videos to a PC/Mac
  • home button on left of display, camera button on right
  • mini-USB 2.0 port with a removable plastic panel
  • mini-USB to USB cable for charging via PC, downloading more games and clock displays from VTech’s  Learning Lodge app store and transferring files from watch to computer
  • 128 MB internal memory for storage of about 800 photos or 6 1-minute videos
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Kidizoom Smart Watch Pros & Cons: 

Kidizoom Smart Watch WhitePros:



  • incredibly tiny power switch difficult to turn on or off
  • non-long lasting battery


What People Say about Kidizoom Smart Watch:

Kidizoom Smart Watch Vivid Violet“The Kidizoom Smartwatch is an awesome product for kids probably in the 5-7 range. My 5yr old really enjoys having it, and makes him feel “just like daddy” with my own tech toys. The games are easy and kid friendly, the ability to take pictures and videos is really cool, and the fact that it also can function like a normal watch all make this a great product. Some kids might not be interested in the various games, and as several of the reviews stated each kid will probably have a different reaction to something like this, but for us it works well. It’s been an excellent tool to begin teaching my kids when its appropriate to play and when its rude. For the vigilant parent this can be a good start for helping your kid become familiar with tech, but also learn how to still interact with other human.”

– Zeth Daniels
Kidizoom Smart Watch Sky Blue“We have the Leapfrog equivalent too (LeapBand), but even though I’m a huge LeapFrog fan and find VTech a little annoying, the VTech watch here is MUCH MUCH BETTER. With the touch screen, it’s much more intuitive for my 4 year old. And it allows her to be way more creative than with the LeapBand (taking photos, recording herself singing, videoing the dogs, etc.). Somehow she just finds it more exciting. We have the pink one and the band is an ugly-ish pink, so I recommend any other color. It was so easy to set up. I just plugged the USB into my computer and the watch and went to bed and in the morning it was fully charged and ready to go. The games are cute too – but the really fun part is the video/camera/voicerecorder.” – I <3 Baby Toys


“I received a sample product from VTech for my daughter to try out. She is a tech-savvy kid for age 6, and this is one of her favorite new gadgets. She loves using it to take photos and videos, and while she doesn’t play the games a lot, the clock feature with different clock faces is really helping her to learn how to tell time on a wrist watch. I wasn’t sure how much she would use this or how often, but when we go out she will often ask to wear this Kidizoom Smart Watch rather than to bring her tablet. I think this is best for kids about 3-6 years old.” – Katie Arth



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