Product Review – Klutz Mini Capsters Jewelry


Klutz Mini Capsters JewelryWith in mind as the best place to buy, I wrote this review based on the Klutz Mini Capsters Jewelry based on the product as it is available from them.

How Much:

The price for this cool product is pegged from $13.32 to $21.99. Click here to check out the exact pricing for the Klutz Mini Bottle Caps Jewelry right now, before or after reading my following review of the product.

Who Would Buy This:

Young girls from 8 years and older will absolutely be delighted with the Klutz Mini Capsters Designs as marketed by its creators.

Things We Like About Klutz Mini Capsters Jewelry:

Before actually making the final purchase, it is best to be aware of the features and benefits from owning the Klutz Mini Capsters Jewelry, so here are some information about the product that I’ve put up together for your convenience.

Klutz Mini Bottle Caps JewelryCreative Fun

While allowing kids to indulge themselves in one of their most favourite pastimes of making jewelry, it more importantly gives them lessons on environmental recycling and fashion designing. The Klutz Mini Bottle Cap Art Jewelry gives them the opportunity to convert punched bottle tops into stylish, cool and funky jewelry for showing off or giving to friends as signatures of their affection.

A really simple but clever creation, the Klutz Mini Bottle Caps Jewelry chiefly involves squirting some of the included glue into bottle caps to turn them into glamorous creations consisting of cool looking pieces of jewelry as combined with any of the included jewels, sequins and beads. Instructions are also provided to assist the kids in coming up with their very own jewelry designs.

Things We Did Not Like About Klutz Mini Capsters Jewelry:

Klutz Mini Bottle Cap Art JewelryThe only negative aspect to the Klutz Mini Capsters Jewelry could be the little sharpness that come on some of the bottle cap edges, that to be honest, is nothing to be worried about. It is fully compensated by the fact of its addition of a different dimension to customized jewelry creation and more  importantly, the realization that comes to kids of the incredible possibility of product recycling for the reinvention of things becoming unique and pretty.


It is best to check on any kind of warranty that may be available upon purchase of the Klutz Mini Bottle Caps Jewelry from Amazon.

Is the Klutz Mini Capsters Jewelry Worth The Money?

Klutz Mini Capsters DesignsThe Klutz Mini Bottle Cap Art Jewelry  is nothing less than a steal given its listed price.

Where Can I Buy the Klutz Mini Capsters Jewelry?

With excellent prices and great shipping, no additional research is necessary to proclaim that Amazon is truly the best company to buy the Klutz Mini Bottle Cap Art Jewelry.

More Customer Reviews from Owners of the Klutz Mini Capsters Jewelry:

Click on the link above to see exactly how and why owners find Klutz Mini Bottle Caps Jewelry to be a cool product for their kids.

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