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Learning HomeLearning Home is one of the best toys for toddlers, great for crawling through and pulling up on, singing over 20 different songs and teaching letters, numbers and opposites.

It has a mailbox where plastic envelopes can be put in, shapes that go into door slots, a doorbell that rings and a clock with hands that move.

Every baby or toddler can find an enjoyable activity in the Learning Home whether opening the front door, switching the porch light on and off, learning a new song from the radio, putting letters in the mailbox or dropping colorful balls into the downspout.

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Fischer Price Learning HomeFeatures of the Learning Home include multiple activity stations allowing a group of toddlers to all play with it simultaneously without fighting, making it a great choice for families with more than one small child.

Babies as young as 6 months, can sit and play with the radio, mailbox and balls and try out their crawling skills by going through the door.

Learning Home provide musical rewards to encourage babies with almost every activity, allowing them to learn how to pull up.

Toddlers will love spinning the house numbers and clock hands, changing the wheel from day to night,  learning the ABCs with the radio, practicing opposites by turning the light on and off or opening and closing the door and delivering letters to the mailbox.


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Learning Home Features:

  • sturdy
  • easy on batteries
  • accommodates multiple children
  • offers plenty of fun along with motor skill building and letter, number and shape concept reinforcement
  • teaches letters, numbers, shapes, opposites, colors and greetings
  • 21 songs including classics and some original music
  • comes with house frame, downspout balls, mailbox letters, door key and shape sorter pieces
  • requires 3 C batteries
  • has activities on both interior and exterior sides of the house
  • develops motor skills, encourages problem solving and expands vocabulary

Learning Home Features

Learning Home Pros & Cons:





  • more expensive than some baby toys
  • could tip over during rough play
  • easily lost smaller pieces


What People Say about Learning Home:

Learning Home Pros“Wow! This is a new Fisher Price toy that I hadn’t heard of before – but knew I had to have it when I saw it. My daughter loves to crawl in and out of things, so I thought this would be a great floor level toy that might keep her interest. This was purchased for her first birthday and I think we are still discovering new buttons and such! There are so many activities and interesting things on this toy that I think the price was a real bargain! The house numbers, the rain gutter, the radio, the clock, the window, the mailbox, etc, etc! There are sounds for nearly every activity, and even the sounds can be changed depending upon what setting the radio is on. My daughters current favorite place in the “house” is the mail box. She loves putting the mail in and out of it. She gets very excited and just chatters away at this toy – crawling in and out of the door and listening as it “creaks” open and then “slams” shut. The toy overall seems to focus mostly on the concept of opposites (night/day, up/down, open/close, etc) and numbers.
There are two volume settings – the lower one being just loud enough for her to hear it while she is playing (thank you Fisher Price!) and the other much louder. On the lower setting, I cannot hear it unless I am sitting at the toy with her.
I just can’t say enough about all the activites – I expect that this will be a toy she can play with for a long time without getting bored of it!” – Little Me Beads


What People Say About Learning Home“I bought this for my daughter on her first birthday and she absolutely LOVES it! I also bought the bird bath to go with it and am currently looking for the telephone that goes with it also. It’s great to see a toy today where you can add accessories to it that enhance to their learning experience. She will literally play with this toy for hours. There are SO MANY activities that keep her busy and she rarely gets bored. There is always something new to discover. And by the time she’s finished with one side, she finds out there is a whole other side with things to do. I got tired of spending alot of money on big toys that didn’t do very much. It is worth every penny. I highly recommend this toy.” – Amazon Customer


Learning Home for Kids“I wanted to get my little one a toy that could help her pull up and stand. Her first birthday is just a few days away. So a month ago we all went out to Toys R Us to see what she would like. I was alittle upset because there were many toys that I wanted to get her. But I knew they would fall once she tried to use them to stand. My little girl also only likes toys that make music or talk. I found many little toys to get her. BUT I wanted one that she could pull herself up and that she could walk around the toy. I saw this house and after looking at the picture on the box I pulled it off the shelf. After reading about the toy, I wanted it. It was just what I was looking for. We put it back on the shelf and put it on the birthday list. The next weekend I couldnt wait. It was so perfect I needed to get it. I went to two different Toys R Us’s. Both were sold out. This is the hotest toy out there right now. I found it at a Babies R Us. I got it home and rolled my eyes. SCREWS… I thought that meant it was going to be hard to put together. Not true though. It took me about a half hour to put together. MY little girl loves it. My 8 year old son likes it as well. It is worth the money. There is so much to do and hear in this toy. I have noticed that my little one twice got her wrist stuck between the house and door. This didnt hurt her. She cried because she could move her arm. She has now learned how to push the door when this happens and doesnt cry. There is plenty of space between the door and house so that it doesnt hurt. Learning Home is a great well thought out toy. A must for all.” – T. Ball




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