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Lego Jabba The Hutt PalaceThis review of the Lego Jabba the Hutt Palace is based on the product as purchasable from

How Much:

The Lego Jabba the Hutt Place is being marketed at a price range from $110 to $120. Click here to know the exact price at which the toy is now selling at the Amazon site which holds the best internet prices and exceptional delivery options among online retailers today.

Who Would Buy This:

The Lego Jabba The Hutt Garden is a must buy, something needed to be owned, for both specifically Lego Star Wars fan and strictly Lego fan.

Things We Like About the Lego Jabba The Hutt Palace:

Lego Jabba The Hutt PlaceThe necessary research is needed to be dealt with before buying any particular product. To save you from dealing with this necessity yourself, I’ve included all the relevant information you need to be aware of about the Lego Jabba the Hutt Palace that can only add to your eagerness to purchase the toy for your beloved kids.

A Seemingly Endless Enjoyment

While all Lego products come with a certain number of mini figures, the Lego Jaba The Hutt Palace comes with all the mini figures needed to act out the classic scenes in the Star Wars film, making these mini figures one of the best features of the toy set. These mini figures include the trap door and frogs to be eaten.

One of the fun experiences that come with Lego products in general, is the easy putting together of the toy set, with easy to follow instructions to place every piece exactly where it is supposed to be. Upon construction completion, Jabba can be set happily sitting on his throne, that overlooks a pit where a slave can be dropped down into, at which instant Jabba slides over the pit to back on his glory.

For  a complete Star Wars effect, the presence of Princess Leia and the rest of the Lego Jabba the Hutt Place mini figures is rounded off with Han Solo standing on the side stuck in a carbonite mould.

Things We Did Not Like About the Lego Jabba The Hutt Palace

Lego Jabba The Hutt GardenAs your buying decision may be affected by a negative aspect to the toy, here is my two cents worthy observation.

Nothing To Report

As with all Lego products, the Lego Jabba The Hutt Palace is really a good product that the only thing worth mentioning would be its price tag that is a little on the stiff side, that is however commensurate to the value of the toy. Lego has so far never failed in giving its consumers  an endless supply of quality toys of the highest excellence.


In addition to excellent shipping provisions and superb gift wrapping options, Amazon offers a 30 day money back guarantee with every purchase of this toy.

Is the Lego Jabba The Hutt Palace Worth the Money?

The Lego Jabba The Hutt Garden is a product that is a definite worth to its tag price given its intricate level of detail and its countless number of features.

Where Can I Buy the Lego Jabba The Hutt Palace?

Lego Jabba The Hutt ResortTo be sure of not getting let down, it is best to do purchases of all Lego products from Amazon.

More Customer Reviews from Owners of Lego Jabba The Hutt Palace:

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