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Lets Rock Elmo is the newest craze toys in the kid’s toy business industry.

This toy doll is bound to be the hottest Christmas toy in 2011.

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Lets Rock Elmo is Hasbro’s way of presenting one of Sesame Street’s renowned character, Elmo.

It also features a singing and dancing toy doll. It comes with his tambourine, a guitar, a microphone and a drum set. It is run through 6 AA batteries which is also included in this toy doll.

This Sesame Street featured toy doll character can sing 6 sing-a-long songs just by simply pushing the button which is located at Elmo’s foot. It can also interact with his band mates by recognizing any instruments placed in his hands that comes along with this enjoying toy doll.

Moreover, can bring delightful moments due to the fact that Lets Rock Elmo has a rock version of the Alphabet song thus encouraging the fun learning of ABCs and physical enhancement. In this Hasbro’s toy doll, Elmo is dresses in a concert style t-shirt and sings along with 6 enjoying, dancing songs.

This toy doll is durably made. It is built to endure on kid’s rough playing. It is quite heavy also, with a weight of 3.9 pounds. Its mechanical body does not possess any cuddly feel of merely a stuffed toy. Lets Rock Elmo is ideal to be placed on any hard surface area.

This toy doll is also designed with good sense of humor and he is capable of producing sound giggles and laughs. The volume that this toy doll produces is set to be controllable.

Be hyped and be enjoyed with Lets Rock Elmo!!!


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  • Lets Rock Elmo Singing And Dancing Toy Doll
  • 6 enjoying Sing-a-long songs including a rock version of the Alphabet
  • Great Interactive Doll
  • Electronic Guitar
  • Tambourine
  • Drum Set
  • Microphone
  • AA Battery Operated
  • Dimensions: 8 x 13 x 15 inches
  • Weight: 3.9 pounds
  • Battery Type: AA
  • Number of Batteries For Function: 6
  • Songs: 6
  • Shirt: Tee
  • Shirt Color: Red
  • Body: Mechanical
  • Age Compatibility: Preschool- 18 months old and above
  • Available only in one color

What Recent Lets Rock Elmo Customer’s Has to Say!!!

*Natasha who has 2 kids said that there is only one disadvantage that the toy doll has and that is kids will fight for it.

*Adrian said that Elmo is very elegantly made with special effects on his giggles.


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