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Little InuLittle Inu is one of the toys that is fast becoming the most popular on the market today. It is an interactive toy available at and is the basis for this independent review.

How Much:

The price tag for this interactive dinosaur by Senario is set between $99.02 and $149.99. Click here for an assurance that the toy price remains to be within the above range as it is selling like hotcakes at the moment. As a matter of fact, I encourage you to buy this incredible interactive toy right now before the Amazon stocks run out.

Who Would Buy This:

Being the ultimate in interactive toys and perfect for kids who are into dinosaurs, this baby dinosaur boasts of many interactive features that will keep kids engrossed for hours on end. The best part of it all is that this is not your ordinary toy where kids are left wasting away hours without learning or developing skills, but an educational toy that just happens to be an interactive toy at the same time.

Things We Liked About the Little Inu:

Little Inu Interactive Dinosaur by SenarioTo make up your mind on whether to buy the Little Inu or not, I have enumerated some of the many positive features of the toy.

Educationally Interactive

Ideal for teaching kids some positive values, it does not come loaded with automatic features that randomly occur. Instead, the interactive dinosaur by Senario reacts to its environment surrounding it. He will likely wag his tail in appreciation when given a good stroke down his back. He sleeps, cries and boasts of other interactive features that make him a toy that is much to be desired. His being attuned to the environment is made possible by its differing interactive sensory mechanism. The toy is recommended for kids 8 years and above.

More than Meets the Eye

This baby dinosaur comes equipped with his own favourite food of taro root and  coconut milk drink, one of the cleverly included extra features of the toy. He will tell you when he is hungry or thirsty and the moment he is given the right food, he will show you exactly what a happy dinosaur he is.

Things We Did Not Like About Little Inu:

Little Inu Baby DinosaurLittle Inu is another toy in which a negative feature is most unlikely to be found, being the excellent toy that it is. Still, there is a necessity for bringing out a possible quirk in the toy to complete an independent review.

Slightly Pricey Tag

The quality, entertainment and high level of interactive activity that the toy provides compensates for the heavy sided price on its tag. Having said this, I encourage you not to think twice about buying this product as it is the ultimate substitute for a live animal which your child can learn to love and take care of or an imaginary friend which your child can play and talk with.


Amazon offers a limited 30 day warranty and free shipping for Little Inu Baby Dinosaur purchases. There may also be a warranty from the manufacturer worth checking out before you close out your purchase with finality.

Is Little Inu Worth the Money?

The Little Inu is the perfect developmental toy for a child, with its excellent quality, design and features, making it worth every penny of its price.

Little Inu DinosaurWhere Can I Buy the Little Inu?

Do not delay any longer and head on to Amazon where the best prices and options for the Little Inu are available.

More Customer Reviews from Owners of the Little Inu:

Click on the link above to read up on additional customer reviews for testimonials to the excellence of this interactive toy.

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