Little People City Skyway


Little People City Skyway is a raceway, standing a little more than 3’ tall, with 1 point of entry on the top and ramps that lead to 3 different exits, 1 of which is a jump.

Little People City Skyway

It includes 2 cars for kids to drive around and release down the ramps to watch them race, letting the cars randomly zoom down or flipping switches via randomizers to control which direction the cars go.

Little People City Skyway includes a crane, a swinging gate, a gas pump, a traffic light and a parking meter, offering additional imaginative play.

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Little People City Skyway makes for a great play set for little car lovers, being lightweight yet durable, sure to keep kids busy and entertained.

It is recommended for kids ages 1.5 and up, pretty easy to assemble under 40 minutes with the assistance of a Philips screwdriver.

Little People City Skyway ramps up the zipping, zooming racing fun for hours of non-stop action enjoyment by the little ones.


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Little People City Skyway Features:

  • stands over 3’ or 92 cm tall
  • 1 point of entry on top with 3 exits on the bottom, 1 of which is a jump
  • automatic single car racing
  • different switch flipping to make cars change path
  • kid sized vehicles fit perfectly in little hands
  • comes with City Skyway play set, working crane, traffic signal, gas pump, parking meter, opening and closing gate and Koby & Tessa cars


Little People City Skyway Pros & Cons:


Little People City Skyway Features


  • motor skill and imagination development
  • no batteries
  • comes with 2 toy cars for the track
  • multiple paths cars can go, never knowing what exit the car will come from
  • working gate and car refueling station
  • one of the exits being a ramp makes kids love watching how car soars
  • kids love the fact that the toy is as tall as they are
  • no noise making parts
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Fisher Price Little People City Skyway


  • assembly requires quite a few screws
  • not easily transportable
  • inability to run 2 cars simultaneously
  • useless elevator/lift feature except for car storage when not in use


What People Say about Little People City Skyway:

What People Say About Little People City Skyway

“I am proud to say that my 2 younger boys loved this toy! I received it free to test out, thanks to BzzAgent and Fisher Price. It took a little time to put together, however once done, it kept my boys busy for hours. It’s not one of them toys they play with for a few days and never play with again. They continue to play with it as one of their favorite toys now. We love it!” – Itvo

“All 4 boys ages 1-5 enjoyed it for hours. It only comes with 2 cars so we had to get additional ones from other toys they already owned. Each boy played with it differently for their enjoyment. It was just a bit complicated to put together. The picture on the box was very helpful.” – Pat


Little People City Skyway Pros & Cons

“My grandson loves loves loves this toy! He just turned 3 and plays with this more than any other toy right now.
I would suggest getting a bunch of Little People cars to go with this though because there are slits in the ramps that other cars with a narrower wheel base will get stuck in. Putting this Little People City Skyway together is very easy but definitely a little time consuming.” – consumer
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