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Company: being the best place to buy the Loopdedoo, it is on the product as available from them that this review has been based on.

How Much:

The bracelet maker currently retails from $30.27 to $34.99. Click here to get the most updated best price for the toy as offered at Amazon at this precise instance.

Who Would Buy This:

The Loopdedoo kit is the perfect gift for a daughter, and even for a son too for that matter, who is into making customized friendship bracelets. A hit for both boys and girls, continue reading on the product details that follow, to know exactly why this toy is being heralded as a great product.

Things We Like About the Loopdedoo:

The Loopdedoo is the perfect gift to yourself or loved ones either for a special occasion or for the simple reason of wanting to see them smile, for it is an assured fact that the toy would have them end up smiling at the receipt of this gift. If this is not enough to convince you to purchase the product, read on for more details that will surely make you decide on taking the affirmative action when considering this toy as a purchase.

Loopdedoo Bracelet MakerFriendship Bracelet Gift to Perfection

Friendship bracelets started to make a rage in the 1990s, so it was just a matter of time that a company would get the initiative of coming up with a product that would give kids the chance to create their own great creations to show what their friends really mean to them. It beats having to put a friendship bracelet together by hand and eliminates the frustration for those not possessing the hand dexterity required by this hobby.

The bracelet maker by Ann Williams is an extremely impressive kit for kids that can quickly spun its embroidered floss to create funky and cool friendship bracelets in an instant. The great pride it brings to kids for being able to make a bracelet in a matter of minutes is an unforgettable moment to behold for any parent. And the fact that it can turn out necklaces and anklets as well just proves how excellent a product it truly is.

Things We Did Not Like About Loopdedoo:

A negative aspect of a product is an essential inclusion in any review as it ensures the readers’ acquisition of a total product outlook they need to make the proper buying decision.

Confusing Manual Instructions

Loopdedoo KitThere have been reports of unhelpful and unclear instructions in the user manual that comes with the Loopdedoo kit for making twisted accessories. However, given that the product is a simple but definitely effective one, kids or parents for that matter will be able to master its operation in no time on  their own without the aid of a manual, confusing it may be or not.


The offering of a 30 day money back guarantee and the provision of excellent shipping options is part and parcel of an Amazon purchase of this fabulous toy.

Is the Loopdedoo Worth The Money?

In consideration of its very low price, the kit is a great buy for what it can have your kids do with it. The bonding of friendships it results to can only ensure that your kids will end up with friends to last them their lifetime.

Where Can I Buy the Loopdedoo?

Loopdedoo by Ann WilliamsWith the great prices they offer for the Loopdedoo bracelet maker, I can not understand why anyone would bother to try and get it from any online retail store other than Amazon.

More Customer Reviews from Owners of the Loopdedoo:

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