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Marshmallow BlasterBased on the Marshmallow Blaster available for purchase from, I present to you my independent review of the product.

How Much:

Currently for grabs between $20.84 and $29.95 at Amazon, click here for the bargain price at which you can purchase the Marshmallow Shooter at this precious moment. Keep on reading to find out why this toy is so much fun to have and play with.

Who Would Buy This:

While the Marshmallow Popper is recommended for children aged 6 years and older, it is a welcome addition to any toy gun collection of any child for the fun it offers to all ages. The bonus for the kid is his ability to choose his favourite candy to be the ammo for his gun.Marshmallow Shooter

Things We Like About Marshmallow Blaster:

The donkey work is done as I have thrown together the key information on the Marshmallow Blaster to ensure you get all the facts straight and know exactly what you will be shelling out your money for.

Fun in Combination with Safety

Horror stories about kids hurting themselves on seemingly safe toy guns tend to make parents cautious in their selection of the proper ones for their kids. The search is over as this Marshmallow gun is as safe as a toy gun can get. The air used to propel the marshmallow ammo escapes out of the side of the muzzle if blocked, so it is very handy for a kid should he block the end to try and shoot a marshmallow at his hand or at the hand of a friend.

Marshmallow PopperKids of all sizes can load, arm and fire this Marshmallow blower as it is so simple to use with an easy loading mechanism and an easy to pump air canister at its base. Parents can have awesome fun firing marshmallows at their kids and vice versa, from up to 40 feet away from one another, hiding behind couches and tables, a definite twist to the classic hide and seek game.

Things We Did Not Like About Marshmallow Blaster:

The air canister of the Marshmallow Blaster needs a good 10 or so pumps to load fully for the assurance of the marshmallow ammo flying at its maximum range. This may be a bit too tiresome for kids but I guess, their energy will get all pumped up thinking of the enormous fun they will be having after completion of the canister loading, they would not mind the extra energy the toy is requiring from them.


The brilliant shipping options offered by Amazon may be enough warranty for you to purchase the Marshmallow Launcher from them. Still, it is best to check out any additional warranties that may be available with the toy purchase.

Marshmallow LauncherIs The Marshmallow Blaster Worth The Money?

There is no need for thinking twice when it comes to buying this fun product either for your family or as a gift with its affordability at a great price.

Where Can I Buy Marshmallow Blaster?

It is at that most people come to grab their Marshmallow Poppers.

More Customer Reviews from Owners of Marshmallow Blaster:

Click on the link out for further readings on what satisfied customers are saying about their Marshmallow Blaster.

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