Product Review – Mezco Mars Attacks Figures

Mezco Mars Attacks FiguresCompany:

The Mezco Mars Attacks Figures are products available for purchase at the Amazon online store.

How Much:

Click here to find the exact price for the figure of your choice among the numerous Sideshow Mars Attacks Figures currently available from Amazon, where great prices are always in stored for you.

Who Would Buy This:

The Living Dead Dolls Mars Attacks Figures are without a shadow of a doubt a must have for both veteran and novice Mars Attacks fans. Seeing the figures for the first time would have you wishing you have them much earlier. That’s how great this figures look like up close.

Things We Like About the Mezco Mars Attacks Figures:

Sideshow Mars Attacks FiguresIt is always advisable to do a comprehensive research into the Mezco Mars Attacks Figures before deciding to buy any if not all of the available figures on stock just to make sure you are getting your money’s worth. To help you in your research, here is a pertinent look at this range of products and what you can expect to get in return for purchasing these toys.

Well Made to an Incredible Degree

The level of detail that went into the creation of each figure from this Mezco Mars Attacks range is not noticeable at a glance. It is only when you pick it up and see the figure up close that you get an idea of the level of intricacy that went into making this Mezco line of products.  The artwork details are so close to the originals as found in the film that you can not help but exclaim how truly fantastic they are.

With phenomenal artwork combined with excellent construction, you can instantly tell that Mezco did not cut back on cost in the creation of the figures particularly evident when you run your fingers over the models.

These Sideshow Mars Attacks Figures were not meant just to be models on a stand but should you prefer to keep them as collectible items, they come with a base, stand and nameplate for authenticity solidification for years on end.

These Living Dead Dolls Mars Attacks Figures have interactive features that can only put a smile on your face when you avail of them. The troopers features a switch in the back of their heads that moves the eyes from side to side while the bubble styled helmet can be removed for you to close the mouth of the figure and further interact with it to further your enjoyment of the toy.

Things We Did Not Like About the Mezco Mars Attacks Figures:

Living Dead Dolls Mars Attacks FiguresThe right decision for the purchase of a toy only comes with the awareness of any negative facets associated with it.

Limited Interactivity

Mezco have deliberately meant the Mezco Mars Attacks Figures to be more of collectible items than all engaging action packed fighting units. As such, they are not really meant to move about and fight with other Mars Attacks figures. This can be a slightly disappointing limitation for kids who have set their eyes on the creation of Mars attack scenarios against the planet Earth.


There is certainly the 30 day money back guarantee that sometimes come with free shipping offered by Amazon but it is best to check out additional warranties that Mezco may offer with the purchase of their Sideshow Mars Attacks Figures.

Are the Mezco Mars Attacks Figures Worth the Money?

If but only for the excellent artwork and construction that came with each and every model from the Living Dead Dolls Mars Attacks Figures, each model is worthy of the price tag set for it.

Mcfarlane Mars Attacks FiguresWhere Can I Buy the Mezco Mars Attacks Figures?

The most excellent prices and the greatest shipping options are still only available from the Amazon online retail store.

More Customer Reviews from Owners of Mezco Mars Attacks Figures:

Click on the link above for additional viewpoints on the toy coming from the satisfied owners of the Mezco Mars Attacks Figures.

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