Micro Mini 3 in 1 Kick Scooter

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Micro Mini 3 in 1 Kick Scooter BlueMicro Mini 3 in 1 Kick Scooter is the quality 3 wheel kick scooter with an award-winning Swiss design, ideal for children ages 1-5.

Its 3 wheels, low-to-the-ground deck and gentle lean-and-steer handle bar all contribute to its stability, making it unique and fun.

The Micro Mini 3 in 1 Kick Scooter in Blue intuitively teaches kids to surf the sidewalk, develop balance, coordination and motor skills, using their body weight to curve right and left.

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The deck of the Micro Mini 3 in 1 Kick Scooter in Aqua is large enough for 2 little feet, so kids easily switch from pushing with 1 foot to just enjoying the glide.

Kids simply adore the foot brake positioned at the back of the deck, looking just like the ones on the big kid’s scooter.

The Micro Mini 3 in 1 Kick Scooter in Red is lightweight, at 3.3 lbs., making it easy for kids to maneuver and for parents to pick up and carry, hanging nicely on the back of a stroller.


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Micro Mini 3 in 1 Kick Scooter PinkMicro Mini 3 in 1 Kick Scooter Features:

  • a clever removable seat for toddlers for scooting along with both feet on the ground
  • a low O-bar handle easy for a 2-year old to properly grasp
  • included T-bar for transforming the scooter into a Mini Kick Scooter
  • sturdy and made of high quality materials
  • silent on the pavement due to silicone wheels


Micro Mini 3 in 1 Kick Scooter Pros & Cons:


Micro Mini 3 in 1 Kick Scooter AquaPros:

  • provides hours of fun while encouraging movement and exercise
  • includes all the features of a classic Mini Kick Scooter
  • scooter steering  by leaning, an easy and intuitive style for sidewalk surfing
  • easy to balance 3 wheeled design
  • low-to-the-ground, sturdy fiberglass-reinforced scooter deck has room for both feet
  • rear step-on brake for extra scooting control
  • whisper-quiet smooth-gliding wheels great for indoor and outdoor use
  • feather-light for easy carrying or hanging on the back of a stroller
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  • expensive
  • does not fold


What People Say about Micro Mini 3 in 1 Kick Scooter:

Micro Mini 3 in 1 Kick Scooter RedI ordered this scooter in blue from Amazon in September and the scooter I received has two holes in the stem, which means I can select two seat heights. I live in the USA

This is a fantastic little scooter. My boy is a bit too young to ride it. He just turned 1 and we kind of push him around the apartment as he sits on the seat.

We live in a nice area of Manhattan and I swear every kid in the city has one of these scooters. All the parents at the playground say this one is the best and while I don’t have personal experience with other, competitive scooters….I see literally hundreds / thousands of kids just flying around the neighborhood on these Micro Minis and they just LOVE them. – Michael Snow


Micro Mini 3 in 1 Kick Scooter Purple“my daughter will be 2 in a few months & loves this little scooter. she wasn’t a fan of the seat option, but maybe for younger kids? anyways, the different options really make this a great buy- works for all ages. if you have a younger child who want’s to be like their older sibling & ride a scooter, this is what you need!!!” – Melinda Minyard


Micro Mini 3 in 1 Kick Scooter Green“Fab scooter that rides really smooth. The dear is adjustable in height so can be used for all sizes of toddler! The steering is what you expect from the micro brand; no physical turning, just leaning, which even my 1 year old can do. With the interchangeable handlebars it can be used up to age 5.(my eldest had one and now has the maxi micro which can even be used by a fully grown man!).
The cost may be higher than other scooters but the durability and ease makes it worth it. People always ask what kind of scooter Micro Mini 3 in 1 Kick Scooter is, so be prepared for it to be a head turner.” – Avid shopper




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