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Mini JammersThe Mini Jammers are excellent toys that are currently being marketed through Amazon, currently the best online store on the web.

How Much:

The Micro Jammers are being retailed somewhere between $34.49 and $49.95. There is always the chance that some slashing down on these prices can occur one time or the other at the Amazon site. Click here to check whether a price cut down has occurred at this precise moment in time.

Who Would Buy This:

A kid who loves to play basketball either on a real basketball court outdoors or on a virtual court from within the confines of his bedroom will find the Mini Scramblers perfect for his love for the sport. It likewise gives him the option of playing indoors on occasions when the weather prevents him from going outside to play.

Things We Like About Mini Jammers:

Micro JammersKnowing how vital it is for a buyer to do research on a product he is intending to buy to make sure it is the right product for him, I have featured some information on the Mini Jammers that will surely attract your attention and set the toy above its competitors.

A Sturdy Toy that is Fun and Easy to Use

This Micro Jammers set from Spalding is made up of solid and robust mini basketball hoop and backboard, a far cry from similar products that offer basketball nets that are so badly made they break down so easily. Kids, and even adults for that matter, who are basketball fanatics, are full of so much energy, especially when they are in the middle of a game, that they tend to be loud and extreme. Just like any sport enthusiast, these kids need a solidly constructed toy that can withstand their dunks and slamming, two basketball features made for showing off the skills and expertise of the player.

The toy provides the perfect setting for a dad who wants to teach his kids the rudiments of basketball at an early age within the safety of their home. There are no additional tools required for the installation of the toy. Running and slamming can be immediately started after the simple attachment of the set to the back of a door with an included 5” basketball and a foldable rim for easy storage.

Mini ScramblersThings We Did Not Like About Mini Jammers:


Noise is synonymous to fun when talking about sports activities. It would be ridiculous to ask a kid to be quiet while he throws a brick during an intense basketball game. There is indeed some form of monotony in the sound of a ball hitting the backboard, the rim, the net or an area in the room where the Mini Jammers has been set up, that can be annoying to an adult and can surely put her off particularly when she is busy doing chores.

Think development. Think activity. Think of the benefits the toy offers the child in those specific life areas and automatically that noise can turn to music for a parent. There is always a compromise that can be entered into by the parent with his child on the time of day he is allowed to engage in his favourite sport inside the house.


The purchase of the Micro Jammers may come with either a manufacturer’s guarantee or Amazon’s money back scheme or both so it is always recommended you check this out before finalizing your acquisition.

Mini Jammers BuyAre The Mini Jammers Worth The Money?

The vision of a fully developed and active kid is enough compensation to assure that the Mini Slammers is worth every penny of its cost.

Where Can I Buy Mini Jammers?

There is no argument that the best place to purchase is still from Amazon, reputed to be the greatest online retailer in the world today.

More Customer Reviews from Owners of Mini Jammers:

Click on the link above to read on the numerous owners of the Mini Jammers all raving about this fun product.

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