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The Mushabellies Plush features a new App that allows you to enjoy it simultaneously as a game and as a toy. The game toy is available for purchase at the Amazon site.

How Much:

The price tag for these stuffed animals is yet to be announced. Click here to make sure you do not get behind other buyers who are keeping an extra eye on the toy at the Amazon store, who appears to be in constant price wars with other online retailers but remains to be ahead of competitors.

Who Would Buy This:

This toy world is a world of an incredulous range of cute and cuddly toys that are becoming so popular with kids of all ages that Mushabellies Stuffed Animalsseem to end up loving them. In addition to this, it has moved up the interactive route, keeping tab with the modernization of the age like a lot of toys are presently doing.

Things We Like About Mushabellies:

This Mushabellies review will let you know what to look for when buying the toy so you need not spend time doing research on your own.

Plush App

These cuddly toys all have individual personalities with their corresponding unique designs, looks and feel. In addition to this, they play out individual sounds when squeezed adding to their fun factor that is sure to keep kids thoroughly engrossed.

The kicker to the toy that will get kids excited to the extreme and send them to toy heaven is the receipt of a code upon purchase Mushabellies Worldthat enables the downloading of an app to an Apple device and extending the toy into a gaming hub. These stuffed toys  appear on the screen in a series of fun-filled games.

Things We Did Not Like About Mushabellies:

While kids are sure to get extremely excited with the great idea of a Mushabellies app, the 3D graphics of the app were a little bit on the bulky and awkward side making for unimpressiveness. But do not get alarmed by this as there is a later version in the making that is sure to feature crispier graphics.


There is always the standard warranty from the manufacturer that is bound to be available upon purchase of the toy from

Buy MushabelliesAre The Mushabellies Worth The Money?

There is only one way to find out the answer to this query and that is grabbing the toy and seeing for yourself.

Where Can I Buy Mushabellies?

There is nowhere else to go but Amazon to get the most exemplary price and super fast delivery of this super fantabulous game toy.

More Customer Reviews from Owners of Mushabellies:

Click on the link above and get your eyes rolling over some great reviews from current owners of this game toy.

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