PicassoTilesPicassoTiles are clear 3D magnetic building tiles, coming in sets of 60 and 100 pieces, that has taken building to a whole new dimension.

These PicassoTiles are not standard blocks, consisting of different sizes of geometric shapes in fun primary colors.

Their embedded magnets allow kids to build both 2D and 3D structures for limitless and endless enjoyment.

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While PicassoTiles are recommended for children ages 3 up, they remain appealing to even the little guys, as they allow for hours of art creation through piecing the tiles together.

PicassoTiles are perfect for active toddlers with short attention spans as they encourage imaginative play, magnified by the fact that the same structure can never be built twice.

PicassoTiles make a great gift for preschool kids who will simply love playing with them.


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PicassoTiles Features:

  • contains large and small square pieces; small, medium and tall triangular pieces
  • scalable to build as big a structure as desired simply by adding more pieces
  • easy to construct and easy to put away for storage
  • perfect educational present for school age children, being inspirational, fun and entertaining
  • recreational for single or multiple parties

PicassoTiles Features


PicassoTiles Pros & Cons:



  • offers learning by playing
  • a fabulous venue for starting creativity development of a child at an early age
  • acquisition of strong sense of color and geometric shapes by children
  • a great way of spending quality time with family and loved ones
  •  fantastic for parent to child bonding with its provision of hours of fun time and the feeling of having achieved something together through structure building
  • get your very own PicassoTiles right here and now!

PiccasoTiles Pros & Cons


  • securing two sides of each piece is achieved via clips instead of metal rivets
  • structures don’t stay together when moved or accidentally bumped
  • tiles that open up with magnets falling out are not reusable


What People Say about PicassoTiles

What People Say about PiccasoTiles“I’ve never written a product review, but this one deserves one. I have a 3 year old on the spectrum. This is THE toy for him. Easy for him to manipulate and it keeps him engrossed for hours. His older brothers, ranging in age from 7-16 join him often to play. So much so, I bought another set. Fabulous toy!” – Mommyof5


“We have two kids (ages 3 and 5). We bought these for my son’s 3rd birthday. Both kids have been playing with them non stop ever since, and favor over all the other birthday toys. My 5 year old daughter loves to draw, but set aside her crayons and markers to play with these tiles.The kids are using them to build houses and castles for their other toys and stuffed animals.I see another order on the horizon soon . . .

I’d add one other thing- A previous reviewer said there are no purple color tiles (in the Q&A section regarding how similar to magna tiles), in the set we just got there are purple tiles. Perhaps that review was for an earlier release?

Highly recommend them, its a great activity for the kids- builds spatial skills and encourages creativity. Awesome!” – amazonbyracct “amazonbyracct”


“I’ve ordered two of these PicassoTiles sets for my boys. They can’t seem to get enough of these and they never get tired of playing with them. These are brought out about 4 times a day in our home and my kids just spend the better part of an hour every time building. If you have smaller children, or even older children they will love these. My husband and I even mess with them when they are playing with them. They are fun and entertaining for everyone.” – Nikki




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