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The best place to buy the Pony Royale is from Amazon.com. This product review is based on the said product as it is currently available from there.

How Much:

The decent range of these Beautiful Princess products are priced between $14.99 and $29.99. Click here to see how much it will cost to buy one or buy the whole range now and immediately put a huge smile on your kid’s face.

Who Would Buy This:

This World of Ponies and Princesses is the perfect place for girls aged 3 years and above to be in so giving the toy to them as a gift is the most loving thing that you can do.

Things We Like About Pony Royale:

Pony Royale Beautiful PrincessTo gain knowledge of some of the features of the Pony Royale range of toys is to open your eyes to their being cool gifts for young girls. You will be a king in the eyes of your daughter should you decide to buy any or all of these toys for her.

A Fashion Play

This range of toys is a mixture of the favourite female hobbies of hair play, fashion, grooming and nurturing. It is an easy to use fashion system that allows the swapping over of manes, fashion pieces and tails among the pony models resulting to an excellent conglomeration of diversity. It is expected to keep a young girl engrossed for hours and hours, a seemingly endless time of creative fun play.

The basic concept of the toy is for a young girl to imagine herself to be a Beautiful Princess, grooming her pony in the grounds of her castle and developing a fantasy story Pony Royale Worldall her own in her mind. Boredom will never be a factor with this toy range should the buzz about the full set allowing for a combination of 38 million different possibilities proves to a truth.

Things We Did Not Like About Pony Royale:

There is nothing to worry about when it comes to the Pony Royale, being a simple and uncomplicated set of toys and there is also no negative aspect to the toys that are worth mentioning as well.


A 30 day money back guarantee, together with excellent shipping options, is currently offered by Amazon upon purchase of this fashion product.

Is the Pony Royale Range Worth The Money?

Pony Royale FriendshipThis world of princess and pony toys is an extremely good bargain at its well set price versus the quality and fun factor it provides.

Where Can I Buy the Pony Royale Products?

The full range is featured in Amazon and with their hard to beat prices as well as excellent shipping options, there appears to be nowhere else to go for the purchase of these toy products.

More Customer Reviews from Owners of Pony Royale:

Click on the link above for further product reviews from current owners that are bound to reiterate the fact that this toy range is a good set to purchase.

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