Purple Furby


This holiday season, the new Purple Furby can turn the event one of a kind and worth to party all night.

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This toy can respond to music or your voice with clarity and state of the art technology.

The latest Purple Furby makes a perfect present for him this Christmas.

Now is the right time to unleash that FURBISH dictionary since the new Purple FURBY is ready to make a trend in the world of robot pets. This product has a mind of its own and can be operated easily. This Purple Furby can be tickled; feed and you talk to it.

This product can be turned upside down or you can even play music on it. The new Purple Furby is one of a kind product. This personality of this FURBY is dependent on how you are going to treat it.

Men will definitely love this product because it uses superb technology that can be operated using your smart phones. It is more fun to use this especially when you are having parties at home especially these holidays. You will never regret purchasing this product because all the features can be enjoyed.

Based on the reviews regarding this Purple Furby, it is a product with stunning performance for it is very affordable and durable. This product is ideal for people who love to collect high end gadgets like robots. The new Purple Furby is sold with easy to understand instructional manual.

It is very interesting that you can feed this pet robot virtually using selected apps for Furby only. If you feed it with chilli, it eyes will turn red like it has fire. Definitely, the Purple Furby is a must have gadget because it sold with creative features and striking color.

This product is just one of the Furbies that you can own however this Purple Furby is available with one of kind vocabulary like no other. If you are hesitant if it is durable, you can always check out the reviews. This Purple Furby is a highly recommended product if you are looking for a present for him this Christmas.


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Purple Furby Product Features:

  • This Purple Furby is available in color Purple.
  • This product responds to music and on your voice.
  • You can pet its head, tickle the tummy, or even pull Furby’s tail and just watch what will happen.
  • Using your finger, you can feed this Purple Furby.
  • The Apps are optional and it works using your iPod Touch, iPad, or iPhone that has iOS 4.2.
  • The package includes 1 Furby along with the instructions.


Purple Furby Pros and Cons:



  • There are customers who complain about the shaky noise when it is tampered.


What customers have to say about the Purple Furby?

According to Patricia D. McCoy, this product includes stunning reboot especially with the apps. This product is a good robotic pet that you can enjoy plus it has multiple personalities. This Purple Furby is a must have product this season.

Based on the experience of Joe Camper, this is a great toy however it has its few drawbacks like refresh button that is hidden. It is a pain to open since you have to unscrew the cover of the battery. This Purple Furby is still a funny robot pet to have.  

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