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R2D2 Inflatable RobotThis review on the R2D2 Inflatable Robot is based on the product as available in arguably the best online retailer in the world today,

How Much:

This Star Wars Characters Inflatable Robot currently retails from $55 to $60. Click here to know the exact price for this robot over at Amazon as the price may vary from day to day depending on the great or not so great sales record of the product.

Who Would Buy This:

A Star Wars fan, particularly a fan of the very cute and likeable R2D2 robot, would be the most ideal recipient of this great gift idea of a Star Wars Inflatable Robot. However, any kid would certainly appreciate receiving this robot as a gift as well.

Things We Like About R2D2 Inflatable Robot:

Sit back, relax and take a peek on my independent R2D2 Inflatable Robot review after all I have done most of the research for you so you can exactly do just that.

Endless Fun and Entertainment

Star Wars Characters Inflatable RobotThis robot is a remote controlled toy that a lot of eager fans were on queue to try out when it was featured at a local toy fair.  Its controls are very easy to operate with its provision of simple sticks for the thumbs, making the turning circle of the robot very tight with a speed that is neither too fast nor too slow, actually speed perfection to a T.

The construction detail of this Star Wars Characters Inflatable Robot is to the least very good, the way it turns and changes speed very identical to the model in the film. Add up the decal and you have the utmost realism embodied in this robot of a toy. Anyone who have tried it out is surely to have been very impressed overall and only too eager to get his hands on it very soon and for good.

Things We Did Not Like About R2D2 Inflatable Robot:

Before hitting that buy bottom, I urged you to check out on the negative aspect of the R2D2 Inflatable Robot that I featured in the succeeding paragraph.

A Slight Noise To The Ears

Despite the fact that the sheer fun factor of this robot outweighs any noise factor it may have, there are spectators during the Star Wars Inflatable Robotdemo of the product who commented that the noise from the working parts of this Star Wars Inflatable Robot was driving them to madness. Still an spectator is not a player, and a player will surely not notice the noise at all as he is dazzled and spellbounded by the robot as it works its charms on him.


A 30 day money back guarantee comes with the purchase of the robot from Amazon.

Is The R2D2 Inflatable Robot Worth The Money?

The RCDC Inflatable Robot gets the seal of approval given its very good construction and likeliness to the original Star Wars model in terms of functionality.

Where Can I Buy R2D2 Inflatable Robot?

R2D2 Inflatable Robot ReviewThe trusted remains to be the better place to purchase this Star Wars Characters Inflatable Robot.

More Customer Reviews from Owners of R2D2 Inflatable Robot:

Click on the link above should you want to read on other reviews coming from current owners of this Star Wars robot that is sure to be simple reiterations of the review you have just read.

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