Razor Crazy Cart


Razor Crazy CartRazor Crazy Cart is an electric go-cart built for flat, smooth surfaces that can zip around at speeds of up to 12 miles per hour.

It is made for kids ages 9 and up as well as for parents whose kids don’t mind sharing.

With practice, a Razor Crazy Cart lever a.k.a. Drift Bar can be pulled to slide out of its tail, allowing for drifting like a miniaturized Ken Block and controlling how aggressive the slide is, letting teetering on that heart-pumping line between being in and out of control, a definite possibility.

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The solid steel frame of the Razor Crazy Cart makes it strong enough to withstand many, many crashes with stationary objects without so much as a ding.

It has a variable speed foot pedal for precise control of how fast it is going and since it has no brakes, the rider has to take his foot off the gas in time, letting the motor resistance do its job of slowing the thing down.

The Razor Crazy Cart is a total stroke of genius, so incredibly simple but works so wonderfully well.


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Razor Crazy Cart Features:

  • clocks in at 55 pounds, despite diminutive size
  • plastic seat with belt
  • on/off switch on the side
  • safety button under the hard metal steering wheel for accidental takeoff prevention
  • 24 volt, i.e., 2 12 volt batteries, sealed lead acid rechargeable battery system, via direct wall outlet plugging
  • steering wheel connected one on one with the wheel below it
  • one thick rubber, inflatable drive wheel on the bottom of the cart, directly connected to the steering wheel
  • 2 small caster wheels on the front corners of the car and 2 coaster wheels connected to a Drift Bar
  • weight limit is 140 lbs

Razor Crazy Cart Features

Razor Crazy Cart Pros & Cons:

Razor Crazy Cart Pros & ConsPros:



  • battery provides 20 minutes drive time
  • full battery charging takes 12 hours
  • slight incline struggle
  • not meant on gravel and cracked cement field


What People Say about Razor Crazy Cart:

What People Say About Razor Crazy Cart

“It was packages well, it charged quickly, and our son absolutely loves it! The seatbelt is essential so please don’t allow your child even on this cart without seatbelt, helmet, AND gloves at the very least because this thing is powerful and if the step on the gas with the handle pulled up then it will spin 360s very fast! Take the time to go over the safety with your kid and you will be in store for an awesome time :) ” – Arleyne “Miami Sunshine”


What People Say About Razor Crazy Cart 2“We bought a couple of these for our nephews and they absolutely LOVE them. We have had no problems and the boys have the COOLEST toy on the block! I would definitely recommend the Razor Crazy Cart for the kids!” – James Moloney

“Non stop fun on this thing! It’s like everything from childhood (80′s-90′s) rolled into one! A mix of Disneyland tea cups, Mario kart and speed zone amplified and available in your own driveway! The best part is that you can always learn new tricks and drifting techniques! It does look small but I have seen a friend who is 6’4″ and 170 ride this thing no problem! Check out the YouTube videos and Instagram hashtags for examples of people having a ton of fun” – Shelbylynn




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