Razor Espark Electric Scooter ReviewRazor Espark Electric Scooter Review


The electric scooter of Razor which is popular has been designed to provide ultimate Razor Espark Electric Scooter Review riding experience.

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The Razor ESpark Electric Scooter Review starts smoothly, in a quick and quiet manner using its high-torque and motor chain drive.

Once the Razor ESpark is running, that is where the fun begins. The sparks would fly out once the spark bar is stepped on. Razor Espark Electric Scooter Review is great for ages 8 and above.

This is made from high quality materials and it includes a spark cartridge which can be replaced. The maximum speed is 10 miles an hour. With one 16-hour charging time, it can run up to 40 minutes. Razor ESpark Electric Scooter Review has hand operated front brake and twist-grip acceleration control.

The Razor USA LLC started in June of the year 2000. It is located in Cerritos, California and held all the rights to the Razor brand. It is popular because of the kick scooters it produces. These are all electric. Among the products of Razor are Pocket Mod, Ground Force and other electric powered and junior scooters which are included in Razor Espark Electric Scooter Review. The company has been awarded a lot and one great award is the “Toy of the Year” by the Toy Industry Association, and recognized as well by TIME magazines and others such as parenting, US News and World Report, Sports Illustrated, and also Nick Jr.

One of the Razor eSpark Electric Scooter review said that you can get real sparks on your ride with this electric scooter. Spark fly after stepping on the spark bar. This is a great device especially for teens who want to go out for a stroll in the park or head over to a friend’s house. The motor can run to a maximum of 10 miles per hour which is just perfect for the safety of the rider. The 12V battery of Razor Espark Electric Scooter Review is fully charged after 8 hours and the rider can enjoy a nonstop riding for 40 minutes. So this can be easily transported and transferred from one location to another, this scooter has folding handlebar mechanism. It has two cartridges, manual, battery charger and assembly tools, all in the package. Razor ESpark Electric Scooter can carry up to weight of 120 lbs.

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Razor Espark Electric Scooter Review Product Features:

  • Chain drive motor, high torque and very quiet
  • Designed similar to the real sparking action from Razor E100.
  • Speed can reach 10mph, can be used up to 40 minutes
  • Front brake hand operated, acceleration control through twist grip
  • Foot control mechanism, spark bar is detachable


Razor Espark Electric Scooter Review Pros and Cons:



  • Maximum speed is slow.


What customers have to say about the product?

Based on what Russ Logic said, the can be the best gift for birthday. He gave Razor Espark Electric Scooter Review to his son who is 6 years old. They have been using this daily for 3 months now and they found this to be the coolest device on the road. His son rode with helmet and knee pads while he is riding his bike. It can accelerate but not that fast. His son found it easy to steer and this is very sturdy. The Razor Espark Electric Scooter Review goes fast, but not too fast, and is incredibly sturdy and easy for him to steer. After riding, his son would just park it on the garage and even do the charging himself. The battery lasts long as well.

According to Inercoler’s experience, this Razor Espark Electric Scooter Review is a cool toy was given on his daughter’s 8th birthday and at first she do not have any idea how to ride the toy And what she did was wreck it. The maximum speed is just enough for a beginner. He rode on Razor Espark Electric Scooter Review and explained it to his daughter before letting her ride again.

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