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Shoulder BuddiesCompany:

The Shoulder Buddies is an incredible product that is currently available for purchase from and is the subject of this independent review.

How Much:

Presently retailing from $4.95 to $5.10, click here for the best price at which these Buddies on the Shoulder can be had over at the Amazon website at this very instant. Amazon seems to always be able to beat the competition when it comes to offering the lowest online prices.

Who Would Buy This:

Girls as young as 5 or 6 are walking around with these Buddies on their Shoulders despite the fact that the product is being advertised for girls aged 14 years above.

Shoulder Buddies GamesThings We Like About Shoulder Buddies:

Being simple yet fun toys, there is not much to discuss about the ins and outs of the Shoulder Buddies. Still, a detailed research on the product has been outlined for you so you need not bother trawling the internet for more information on the toys.

A Friend To The End

At first glance, the toy does not seem to be the kind you would be choosing to offer as a gift to your daughter. However, after checking it out and spending 10 minutes reading on the product, you will be thoroughly convinced that it is indeed an awesome gift to hand out.

A cute little alien looking toy on the shoulder of your daughter, that is stuck to her like glue, primarily due to its magnetic base, might look a little bit bizarre to adults, but creates endless fun for kids. It is very simple to work out as all it takes is slipping the included coin under the clothing, back and wherever your daughter see fit and voila! Your daughter and her shoulder buddy are inseparable forever; at least, until your daughter detaches the coin from her body.

Shoulder Buddies SmartsThis toy collection comes in a huge variety of different faces, hair and designs, and given their very low prices, you would not mind grabbing at least 4 or 5, if not the entire collection, and watch your daughter stick each and every one of them to her rucksack. The picture of your daughter happily walking around with all these friends clinging on to her for dear life would be enough to convince you to get out your wallet and shell out that cash.

Things We Did Not Like About Shoulder Buddies:

Being a simple yet fun range of toys, the Shoulder Buddies are bound to put a smile on the face of any young girl. It is a shame though that its creators did not think of designing and marketing a separate range for boys as well.


Amazon is currently offering free shipping to come with the purchase of the Shoulder Buddies Games. Also, it is best to keep an eye on any standard warranty that may be included with the toy before actually buying the product.

Are The Shoulder Buddies Worth The Money?

The low price for the Buddies Shoulder Fun USA LLC is fully commensurated by the huge smile on the face of any young girl.

Shoulder Buddies AmazonWhere Can I Buy Shoulder Buddies?

You can never go wrong sealing a purchase deal with Amazon, given their great prices and super fast shipping prerogatives.

More Customer Reviews from Owners of Shoulder Buddies:

Click on the link above for owner reviews that will totally convince you that the Shoulder Buddies Smarts are the best gift to buy and give to any young girl you know.

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