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Skylanders GiantsCompany:

This review is based on the sequel game known as Skylanders Giants presently available at

How Much:

The price of the cool Skylanders Giants Characters is yet to be announced. Click here to see if a price has been set for the toy at Amazon, which remains to be the number one place to grab slashed down bargains.

Who Would Buy This:

Kids who want their toys to turn into video games are the perfect recipients of the Giants Skylanders Game. A sequel to the first game in the Skylanders series, it takes off from where the first left off and includes a Giant with which a kid can play with.

Things We Like About Skylanders Giants:

Following is a list of the main points that make the Skylanders Giants extremely attractive to kids from all over the world.

Skylanders Giants CharactersAn Awaiting Interactive World

This sequel game is an expansion pack to the original as it allows a kid to enter a video game by placing the model on the Portal of Power. The Skylander is then transformed into a game that allows the kid to control the Skylander as he journeys through adventures in the world of Skylands, where he learns special abilities and powers that he can use in his battle against monsters.  With each model bringing unique capabilities to the table, there are 30 different Skylanders that comprise the entire collection.

This sequel game includes a friendly Giant Skylander in its set. Again through the use of the Portal of Power, it can be called upon to help the smaller and physically weaker Skylander to do things in the game that it is unable to do and open up new content and areas it has never accessed before.

It is the most impressive video game ever released on any gaming platform for kids. Your kid can even go over to his friend’s house and still continue the play without interruption. It is a fun experience not only for a kid but also for a parent as well.

Things We Did Not Like About Skylanders Giants:

Giants Skylanders GameFeaturing a negative aspect of a toy is part and parcel of any product review whether it is for an exceptional toy like the Skylanders Giants or not.

A High Cost on the Horizon

While the game could translate to tremendous enjoyment on the part of your kid, there is a need to buy every Skylander Giant figurine as well as every Skylander one to be able to unlock 100% of the game. While each figurine bought individually is not expensive at all, considering there are over 30 of them, adding their cost all together would mean a considerable deduction from your entertainment budget. The consolation, though, is that your kid does not really have to get the complete set, for him to appreciate the tremendous fun of this sequel game.


It is best to check on any warranties available for the Giants Skylanders Game before completing your purchase, including the free shipping that is offered over at Amazon.

Are TheSkylanders Giants Worth The Money?

Skylanders Giants For SaleThis sequel game is definitely worth the money if only for its concept of a toy and game combination. It is best to be selective in choosing which figurines to buy and which to save for later.

Where Can I Buy Skylanders Giants?

The best prices and the best delivery services on the web are still available only from Amazon.

More Customer Reviews from Owners of Skylanders Giants:

Click on the link above for further reviews on this sequel game after it becomes commercially available on the market.

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