Spirograph Deluxe Design Set


Spirograph Deluxe Design SetSpirograph is a classic drawing toy consisting of a deluxe design set with all the tools for creation of countless designs and cool crafts with symmetrical, detailed and impressive displays of brilliant color.

It allows the creation of beautiful, intricate designs from the motion of gears around wheels, an awe-inspiration of mathematics and art.

Spirograph is recommended for children aged 8 and up, its interlocking gears, wheels and rings combine in a myriad combination of spirals, whirls and patterns.

Spirograph Deluxe Design Set Wheels

By pushing the pen in a selected hole in the wheel and rotating the wheel, the fine and elegant designs then appear on the paper.

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One of the best features of Spirograph is the Spiro-Putty, used to hold stationary parts to the paper instead of pins eliminating the restriction of a special working surface to draw designs and holes in paper.

Given its larger pen holes and thinner plastic, it allows the use of a wider range of pens for the creation of amazing multi-colored designs.

Spirograph is a revolution for discovery of complex beauty and simple pleasures as mathematics become art.


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Spirograph Deluxe Design Set Features:

  • 19 precision gears for mixing and matching
  • 2 precision wheels
  • 1 precision rack
  • 0.21 oz Spiro-Putty for holding design pieces firmly in place
  • 3 exceptional quality retractable ball point pens
  • 14 page full-color step by step guide with beautiful suggestions
  • 20 sheets of design paper
  • bonus card making kit with 8 full-color cards, 8 envelopes, 4 sheets of full-color punch-outs, 1 sheet of color-yourself punch-outs, 3 sheets of full-color stickers, adhesive foam squares, 3 yards of ribbon and guide
  • durable carry along case featuring snap-in storage and built-in drawing surface

Spirograph Deluxe Design Set Designs

Spirograph Deluxe Design Set Pros & Cons:



  • no assembly required
  • easy to keep together kit on the go
  • pieces snap neatly into case interior
  • re-engineered gears fit many sizes of pens, pencils and slim markers
  • suitable for use with most standard pens and pencils
  • encourages fine motor skills, creativity and critical thinking
  • allows for drawing elegant, artistic designs and pictures
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  • small parts
  • a little care is required in taking more flexible plastic wheels out of the box so as not to break them
  • guide came with few design ideas
  • kit comes only with 3 pens


What People Say about Spirograph Deluxe Design Set:

“So cool that the Spirograph I remember is back! We have tried for years to find this toy in stores and online…could only find old ones on ebay for a fortune. This has all the original wheels and rings plus really NICE PENS…not only that, the pieces have bigger holes so that they work with any pen or kids marker you have at home. The best part though is that they now include “spiro-putty” for holding the pieces down instead of having to poke holes in the paper….great idea! I love that the storage case has a built-in work surface too….our kids aren’t allowed to use pens on our table because it will leave marks, the work surface protects the table and makes it easy to grab all the pieces from the storage tray. The kids and the adults in the house all love drawing with this…Totally recommend!” – Ellie

Spirograph Deluxe Design Set Users

“When I was growing up, my brothers and sisters and I would sit for hours with our Spirograph. Now I have a granddaughter who is 8 yrs. old. I was looking for a birthday present and came across the Spirograph. I bought and she has used it many times and is in awe of all the different designs that could be made.” – rischreiber

Spirograph Deluxe Design Set User

“Yes, give the almost half-century-young classic tools of art five stars, using the wheel and ring combos! Far beyond being able to produce an infinitude of wonderful pattersn, Spirograph {tm} is also a tremendous and yet very entertaining and mathematically educational tool!! Instead of using ‘boring’ worksheets, series of abstract-looking problems in isolation, one can enjoy learning about resonance,GCF (Greatest Common Factor), and modular (clock) arithmetics, plus the concepts of symmetry and the power of math as a predictive science, e.g., how many vertices (points) will wheel with”X” teeth generate when rolled inside a larger ring with “Y” number of teeth? A very simple way is to find the GCF of the # of teeth of the Spirograph wheel and ring (e.g., 40 and 105). Then, divide that 105, in this example, by the GCF, yielding the # of vertices. E.g., GCF of 40 and 105 is 5, then 105 / 5 = 21. Hemce, wheel #40, with its 40 teeth, will generate a 21-pointed ‘star’ within ring # 105.” – John W. Morse




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