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Crafty BandsCrafty Bands are available at

How Much:

The price tag for Krafty Bands is still to be announced. Click here to make sure you do not miss the opportunity to be one of the first to learn about its price once it is made available.

Who Would Buy This:

To know exactly what Creative Bands are all about, continue reading my review so you will understand how it is perfect for young girls as they allow them to have their best friends or favourite celebrities walking with them around their wrists for as long as they want to.

Things We Like About Crafty Bands:

Creative BandsTo help you decide whether you want to buy Crafty Bands for yourself or for your girlfriends, I’ve listed down some informative data on the product.

Cool And Easy To Make

Seeing the Krafty Bands in action can be a little confusing for adults like me, but let your young daughter demonstrate it for you and you will feel very stupid as I did when my daughter cleared everything up for me. Very simple and easy to use, this product is really a very clever creation. I envision it to become a hit with young girls who want their best friends or the hottest celebrities hanging on their wristbands.

A literally simple but great idea, I believe there is no other product currently available like Crafty Bands, making it a viable contender to be a top hit with young girls particularly. All it entails is finding a picture of a friend or a celebrity, use a cutting tool to cut out their picture and clip the picture into the holder that will sit on the wristband and easily slide onto the wrist with no hassles at all.

Your daughter will surely become a popular figure in school as her peers start flocking around her to see her Unique Bands.

Things We Did Not Like About Crafty Bands:

Krafty BandsFlimsy Design

A male adult with strong hands could easily break a band with its being slightly weak, the one thing that struck me about these Crafty Bands. Being a little too old anyway to enjoy Homemade Bands, adults should not be the recipient of a gift consisting of this product. As far as young girls are concerned, I am pretty sure they will not cause any damage to Creative Bands in any manner, even when they handle the product with a little force.


Amazon always offers a money back scheme in most of their products so Cute Bands would be no exception. Also be on the lookout for any guarantee coming from the product manufacturer.

Is Crafty Bands Worth The Money?

Being available at a great price, I can only recommend Creative Bands for anyone. A smile on any young girl’s face will surely make the product worth the money.

Where Can I Buy Crafty Bands?

Homemade BandsTo be absolutely honest, the great prices, excellent delivery services and very best stock quality make Amazon the place to check out for this product.

More Customer Reviews from Owners of Crafty Bands:

Click on the link above to read on reviews from owners of DIY Bands as submitted to Amazon and know exactly they are saying about this one-of-a-kind product.

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