Product Review – Ty Monstaz

Ty MonstazCompany:

The Ty Monstaz is a toy that can be bought from and is the subject of this independent review.

How Much:

The Amazon prices for this range of toys start from $1.95 to a maximum of $3.99. Click here to know the best price at which the toy is currently available from Amazon.

Who Would Buy This:

A great present for any kid, there is no shame for an adult also owning his own Monstaz Plush.

Things We Like About Ty Monstaz:

Bringing home one of the cutest toys on the market can only lit up the faces of your kids whether simply coming home from work or from a business trip assignment.

Ty Monstaz PlushThe Cutest of Them All

The off the scale cuteness of the Ty Monstaz is the first thing that a potential buyer notices when he casts a first glance on the toy. Simply adorable, kids will end up cuddling, playing and growing old with them. Ty toys used to be considered collectable items so parents were wary about children damaging them and devaluating them over time. The case is not so today so there is no longer an imposition on kids to put them down so they can just go on being pleased with them and loving them to the max.

Each Monstaz model has a little heart on their chest and its own personality. Some are more interactive than others being able to talk when pressed. A child is provided the added ability of changing the Monstaz personality whenever he pleases to do so.

Things We Did Not Like About Ty Monstaz:

Though it is not a total deal breaker, I did find out one feature that can put off a potential buyer from purchasing the product.

Ty Monstaz AmazonOne and Only One Sound

All the Ty Monstaz models that talk give off the same sound loop once their hearts are pressed, which presupposes that the creators were holding off spending too much on the technological side of the toy design. However, while it did bother the parent, it did not bother the kids who were the main target market of the toy in the first place.


There may be a standard warranty that comes with the purchase of the toy so be sure to check this out before letting go of your hard earned money.

Are The Ty Monstaz Worth The Money?

Being priced so low while being loved by kids a lot, these toys definitely gets a thumbs up. You can accumulate a number of the What are Ty Monstaz SayingMonstaz models without managing a major dent on your cash flow.

Where Can I Buy Ty Monstaz?

Amazon ships the toys immediately upon ordering at unbeatable online prices.

More Customer Reviews from Owners of Ty Monstaz:

Click on the link above to read up on other reviews from current owners and see why they find these fluffly monsters to be cool toys for themselves as well as their young ones.

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