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Ugly Doll Ugly BuddiesCompany:

The Ugly Doll Ugly Buddies are toys that are available from and this review is based on this particular product.

How Much:

Ranging from $11.80 to $15.40 are the prices of these Amazon Ugly Buddies. Click here to get the exact best price these toys are currently available on the web.

Who Would Buy This:

The kid who has been introduced to the Ugly Doll Universe is sure to appreciate a follow-up visit to this great world. On the other hand, the start of a collection through a first purchase is an option that gift givers can also take.

Things We Like About Ugly Doll Ugly Buddies:

Amazon Ugly BuddiesAfter putting some information together on the Ugly Doll Ugly Buddies toy, you are bound to spend less time doing more product research, if any, in making your mind up whether the toy range is what you have been looking for.

Not Ugly At All

These supposedly ugly toys are actually very cute and appeal to both boys and girls to the extreme. These adorable toys were designed to become companions to a main primary model, a clever strategy by its creators, making kids want more of the toys in the Ugly Doll range to add to their Ugly collection. While the ugly buddies sit in the arms of the paternal model, all dejected and lonesome looking, they also become perfect companions to a kid during bedtime. The protected feeling a kid gets from having the toys around him, lets him enjoy a long and peaceful sleep.

Whether it is for nephew or a friend’s daughter, buying the toy ends up with the recipient going gaga over the product and totally loving it in the end.

Things We Did Not Like About Ugly Doll Ugly Buddies:

Ugly Doll UniverseThere may be a negative aspect to the Ugly Doll Ugly Buddies you should be aware of before you actually decide to begin a collection of the toy range.

Not Interactive At All

Not designed to have any working parts, to create any sound effects or to jump out and say phrases like ‘hey press me here and hear me sing’, the toy range was meant to be loved and cuddled by a kid. This may not be enough reason for a parent to love the toy, but kids do find that having a toy around them is enough to make them happy and feel secure that they have a friend that will always be with them come hell and high water.


There is a 30 day money back guarantee that comes with the toy over at Amazon.

Are The Ugly Doll Ugly Buddies Worth The Money?

Ugly Doll Ugly Buddies OxThe huge smile that the toy range from the Ugly Doll Universe puts on the faces of kids is commensurate to every penny of its low price tag.

Where Can I Buy Ugly Doll Ugly Buddies?

There is nowhere better to buy the toy range than from the Amazon online retail store.

More Customer Reviews from Owners of Ugly Doll Ugly Buddies:

Click on the link above for further product views that will only leave you totally convince what a great gift idea this Amazon Ugly Buddies are.

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