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The Word On The Street Boardgame is the subject of this review and is a toy available from

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The Word On The Street Game Rules costs between $14 and $16.70. Click here to find out at what price it is currently being retailed over at Amazon today.

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The Word On The Street Card Game is perfect for any boardgame fanatic who enjoys having a good laugh with friends after a full course of dinner.

Word On The Street Game RulesThings We Like About the Word On The Street Boardgame:

To determine whether the Word On The Street Boadgame suits you or not and to know exactly what you are in for should you decide to make the final purchase for the toy, I have laid down my comments on the product after carrying out my own research.

Great Family Entertainment

Since the classic Trivial Pursuit was first launched and stormed the boardgame market, it is only now that boardgames seem to be creating many and appear headed for a comeback on the worldwide market.

It is almost customary for a family to settled down to a boardgame with friends after a hefty lunch or dinner for a period of relaxation and good laughs. This particular boardgame introduces a different angle to the boardgame concept as it creates an excellent atmosphere for family competition and a huge level for bantering as the opposing team attempts to put off the other team by mocking their answers.

The Word On The Street Game Rules is a fun packed game with rounds that last approximately 30 minutes with the aim of moving all the letters down the street and closer to a team. It is essentially a category game where teams take turns to pull a card from a deck, and answering the card query in 30 seconds and pulling as many letters from the board as possible. The answer must be pertinent to the question so answering ‘Mississippi’ becomes irrelevant to a query of ‘Something worn by a vicar.’ FYI, the adult version of the game does not count vowels.

Word On The  Street Card GameThings We Did Not Like About Word On The Street Boardgame:

An English Class in the Home

Despite the low level of difficulty associated with the Word On The Street Boardgame, it might put off an individual who struggles with spelling and word association and might find the game not much to his liking.


There is a 30 day money back guarantee offered by Amazon for game purchasers together with excellent shipping options.

Is the Word On The Street Boardgame Worth the Money?

Word On The Street Board Game LaneJust as most boardgames do not, the Word On The Street Card Game will not disappoint and is worth every penny of its excellent price.

Where Can I Buy the Word On The Street Boardgame?

For the most impressive shopping experience, go get your copy of this game toy over at Amazon.

More Customer Reviews from Owners of Word On The Street Boardgame:

Click on the link above and check out what the current owner reviews are saying about the Word On The Street Game Rules.

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