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No amount of research can change the fact that the best place to buy Yippits from is still the Amazon online retail store.

How Much:

$40 to $45 is the range of prices for the Fijit Friends Yippits. Click here to check out the best price at which you can get hold of this fabulous range of toys today.

Who Would Buy This:

The Yippits Mattel Toys are the perfect toys for a child who wants a toy they can interact, pet and dance with. It has taken the toy market by storm for the last couple of years that its creators had no recourse but extend the surge with the addition of models to the range. Lucky is the parent without a son or daughter screaming out for these Fijit Friends toys.

Fijit Friends YippitsThings We Like About the Yippits:

Keep on reading to get the exact, serious and important details about these great Yippits toys so you will know what it is you are getting upon their purchase.

Best Interactive Toys Today

Hailed as the best range of interactive toys on the market, these Fijit Friends toys teach children the value of saying ‘Well Done’ and ‘Thank You’ at the most opportune moments. These Mattel toys are all about getting a child to teach the models their tricks. Although they each come loaded with 4 individual tricks, they come out of the box, not knowing the tricks very well so the performance of the tricks to perfection by the interactive toys  is a task left to a child to do. The child learns how to guide the toys to accomplish the trick in the proper manner through a number of hand claps and to reward them when they do get them right.

These Fijit Friends toys come in 4 different colours, that is, Skippa or blue, Patter or pink, Plooki or purple and Scooch or green, and interact with other Fijit Friends toys as well. By pressing on the head of one of the Fijit Friends, it will emit a sonic wave that transmits to the primary Fijit toy, which reacts by saying ‘Hi’ to the Fijit Friend. Unlocked as the toys interact, grow and learn together, are new features that would not have been possible for a single Mattel toy, so a child simply needs to have two or more or all of the Fijit Friends toys to unravel all these possible features.

Yippits Mattel ToysThings We Did Not Like About Yippits:

All the relevant information needed in making the final buy or ignore decision must include the awareness of a negative side to the Yippits.

Parental Frustration

Other than the repetitive noises and sounds from these Fijit Friends toys that can be unpleasant to the ears of parents, there is the addition to their frustration of their inability to get the attention of a child who gets fully engrossed in playing with the toys.


Amazon is most likely to offer extended warranties over and above the typical free shipping options while the manufacturer is bound to release a standard warranty with the purchase of these Mattel toys given its degree of complexity.

Yippits MattelAre the Yippits Worth The Money?

These Fijit Friends toys come highly recommended given the immense level of interaction it provides a child along with its very decent price tag.

Where Can I Buy the Fijit Friends Yippits?

The highly trusted Amazon store is still the place to purchase with their great prices and very fast delivery services.

More Customer Reviews from Owners of Yippits:

Click on the link above to get other viewpoints on these Mattel toys from current owners of these fabulous interactive products.

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