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Zoomer DinoZoomer Dino is a fully and fairly sophisticated electronic robotic dino, with a variety of interesting play modes, operated by hand gestures or the included control pod, a follow-up to Zoomer dog from Spin Master.

Zoomer Dino’s moods/modes can be gleamed from the color of its eyes, i.e., green for happy, blue for curious, purple for gesture commands, yellow for control pod mode and red for angry.

It behaves differently for each mode, e.g., in gesture mode, the sensor in its head reads gestures and responds accordingly.

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To make Zoomer Dino angry is a matter of pulling its tail or shaking its head while controlling its movements, e.g., its chomping mouth, is possible in control pod mode.

Measuring about 16” from nose to tail, it is designed for children ages 5 and up, appealing most to tech geeks and kids interested in R/C vehicles.

Zoomer Dino works best on smooth surfaces and low pile carpets, with a large enough environment for roaming and interacting.


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Zoomer Dino Features:

  • real dinosaur movements, sounds and incredible dino-sense abilities
  • detects when child is nearby and interacting
  • gets angry, spins around, chomps and roars
  • True Balance Technology, allowing Zoomer Dino to perfectly balance on 2 wheels while roaming freely, exploring surroundings
  • either hands or included control pod can be used to tame and build friendship with Zoomer Dino
  • mood indicating LED eyes
  • can let out dino-sized burps and farts
  • features an internal battery, charged with a USB via included cable
  • 3 AAA batteries required for control pod operation

Zoomer Dino Features

Zoomer Dino Pros & Cons:



  • Zoomer Dino Working Bestfun to play with and enjoyable toy
  • numerous ways to play and interact with toy
  • no technology shortage built into toy
  • self balancing adds an almost magical toy element
  • ability to follow gestures via head and tail sensors
  • wide assortment of emotions and sounds
  • freaky color changing LED eyes
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Boomer Zoomer Dino


  • battery charge lasts just over an hour
  • unclear operation instructions
  • falls over easily
  • not durable


What People Say about Zoomer Dino:

Zoomer Dino Pros & Cons“As we already have a Zoomer dog which I found to be fairly amusing but not stellar, I had a guess what the Dino would be like. I was thankfully wrong, as the Dino is a much more fun toy!

Straight out of the box he charmed my kids as he began exploring his surroundings. Though I have no idea how it manages to balance on two legs, the Dino seems much more mobile than Zoomer ever was, and with its moving tail and mouth, is way more expressive then the dog version. My kids love running around the house with Dino and love that he has a wide range of emotions (my son loves it when he gets mad!). The run time is about a half an hour, which goes by fast, but given the size I assume it was limited by how big the battery could be.

This may just be one of those “toys of the year” and surely will be a big hit in the holidays.” – outwest


What People Say About Zoomer Dino“I received the Zoomer Dino for my honest feed back as I am a BZZAgent. After several times playing with the toy I can honestly say my boys are THRILLED with this toy! My twins are 5 and have a love affair with toys that are more complicated or geared for older children. They are bored easily with the “hum drum” of toys for children in their age bracket. The ZOOMER DINO that we received gave them hours of entertainment. It does not take batteries and easily plugs into our computer port for a quick and easy charge. This was VERY convenient as with having two children constantly wanting to “have their turn”, I was tickled to see that the charging time for the toy was minimal. I liked that the toy seemed to work just as well on our carpet as it did on the driveway outdoors. The boys enjoyed playing with the ZOOMER DINO by using their hands and with the remote that is included with the toy. Being as they come from a family with five boys under our roof, their favorite part was the irreverent burps and farts that Boomer released and often ended with them in a fit of giggles. Over all, this toy was fun for the kids, easy to operate, low charging time, no batteries and gets “Two thumbs up” from this Mom.” – TheRuch’s

Spin Master Zoomer Dino“Everyone loved playing with this toy. I received it through the Bzzagent campaign with Spin toys. I couldn’t have been happier. The kid’s had first crack at it and they did not stop playing with it the entire day stopping only when the batteries ran out. They chased each other and the cat all around the house and even took it out side to play on the patio. Zoomer Dino really stood up to the rough play of not only Cole and Cheyenne but also all of their cousins. When the kid’s finally fell asleep the adult children started to play.I can’t say as how much I laughed at them as they used every option they could and chased lizards around playing Land of the Lost with army men. We had a blast.” – Dawn Dempsey-Block




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